Monday, May 26, 2014

I Am Starting to Think in Português!

Hey guys!

So this week was pretty crazy...again, haha!

To start off, Marcelo and Marcia were baptized on Saturday! Don´t know if I´ve talked about them yet. They went to the Assistant´s ward and loved it 2 or 3 sundays ago (They baptized Marcia´s sister there). They live in our area though so the Assistents sent us their names and address. They have a daughter named Marcela that is 7 years old.

When we were over at their house the other day, she showed me a movie that she loves to watch. It was that David and Goliath movie that Thurl Bailey is in. I told her that I met him once in the United States. She thought that was so cool.  I think she thought I really met Goliath, haha! I don´t know if it´s because she´s too young to understand or I don´t know how to speak Português. Baha! one of the two.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

If You Have Faith, Things Will Work Out...

Hey guys! 

This week was crazy! Lots of stuff happened! First off, Happy anniversary mom and dad! Hope it was a great one!

Thank you so much Mom and Aunt Jackie for the packages you sent. They totally made my day!  And mom thank you so much for the package you sent, It was awesome and it totally had some stuff I was craving. And the tie you sent me is awesome!

If You Have Faith Ye Need Not Fear

Hey guys!
How´s it going! It was so awesome to talk to you guys yesterday and hear you voices! Holy cow Nathan you´ve grown tons! HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY MOM! AND HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!

This week went really well! We started working in a different area this week. We found lots of really great people with tons of potential! Sadly almost all of them were busy and couldn´t come to church yesterday because of Mother´s Day. We´re definitely going to do everything we can to make sure that they come next week!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Excited to Skype on Sunday- Not a Lot of Time Today

Hey guys!

Holy cow I´m short on time again this week! 

I´m super stoked to talk to you next week Mom, Dad, Matt, Nathan, Jenna!
We get to Skype for 40 minutes this next Sunday! We´re going to go to the house of a member and Skype probably around 5 o’clock our time. Maybe a bit sooner, maybe a bit later, so be prepared! Haha! I don´t know who´s going to Skype first though. If I go second, it´ll be about 45 minutes later.

This week was pretty good with missionary work and everything. We have a new investigator. Simoni and her daughter, Natália. They are awesome! They were references from a member here in our ward. They´re both really great and they´re progressing a lot. They have a baptismal date marked for this Saturday! Let ya know how it goes next week!