Monday, March 30, 2015

Grateful for Everyone Who is Supporting Me on My Mission...Love Getting Mail!

Bom dia!

This week has been super great and my companion is super awesome!

Elder Nascimento, which would be Elder Birth in English, haha. It´s pretty cool here in Brazil that lots of last names mean something. For example, my last companion, Elder Coelho, would be Elder Rabbit or Bunny in English. Bahaha! pretty cool!

But yeah Elder Nascimento is a pretty cool guy! He´s from MaceiĆ³, a city in the Northeast. He´s a bit guy with a big heart. This is his last transfer on the mission! He´s going home in 5 weeks! He´s working super hard though, as if he was just starting out on the mission. He came with lots of great ideas. He super experienced and I´m excited to learn tons from him.

Monday, March 23, 2015

God Loves You... He is Your Heavenly Father

Bom dia!

Transfer! I´m staying in Morangueira! I´m super excited about that. I was really hoping to stay here for at least one more transfer. Elder Coelho (my comp) was transferred though. He´s going to Londrina, and my new companion is going to be Elder Nascimento. I don't know him personally but I heard that he's  a super good missionary. There are a few other super good missionaries that are coming the the zone. One of them is Elder Antonio. Super awesome missionary! He´s the missionary from Mozambique that I lived with for about 2 months.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Spiders are Big in Brazil!

Bom dia! 

Holy cow a ton has happened this week and i hope i have enough time to tell you about it. First off, we got home on Monday night pretty tired. We started planning when all of a sudden my comp screamed "HUGE SPIDER!". I laughed at first thinking that he was just messing with me but when i looked, i totally freaked out. It was probably the biggest spider that i have seen in real life. Holy cow! Haha it took about 15 minutes to kill it. It looked just like a turantula but I think it was some other kind. but i can tell you one thing, I didn´t sleep very well that night. I´ll try and send a pic of it to you guys. It was about the size of my camera if not bigger. Crazy!

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is REAL!

Bom dia!

It´s finally starting to cool down. it´s still hot! but it´s cooling down a bit more. I think I´ve forgotten what it´s like to have air conditioning...and a car. Everything is like super high tech to me now.

This week went pretty well, and went by really fast too. We only worked in our area for like two days this week! We went on splits a few times and went to the Sister´s area to help them out. They´re in a pretty hard area, and the´re all completely new to the area. I went with Elder Abernathy to help them out on Thursday. We found a super great family of  people! and 4 of them went to church on Sunday! It was super cool to see them there.

But we found a few really great people this week, and a few of them came to church on sunday. We brought one girl to church named Grazielle. She totally loved church and is super interested! We also started teaching a member´s sister this week. She´s doing really well too!

This Friday is zone conference! Man i´m totally stoked for it. Zone conference is always a blast and we learn so much from President Genaro.

Monday, March 2, 2015

God Gives Us Trials So We Can Learn and Grow....

Bom dia!

Man the weeks are going by faster and faster! it´s starting to scare me a bit, haha!
I can´t believe it´s snowing that much in NC! It´s been so hot here that i´ve forgetten what it´s like to feel cold. Luckily it´s finally starting to cool down a bit.

Things are going pretty good down here. Patricia was confirmed yesterday! She was baptized a few weeks ago but it took her a while to be confirmed because her dad´s been in the hospital and she hasn´t been able to come to church. She´s doing pretty well though, and even brought a friend to church with her yesterday. 

This week went pretty well, but definitely could have been better. Elder Coelho and I have been working a lot, but it feels like with hit a barrier that we haven´t been able to climb over. Actually the whole zone is like that right now. But we´re working to improve and have more success.