Monday, January 19, 2015

Its Hot!!!!!

Bom dia!

Congrats Katie Baker on completing your mission! Missão chamada, missão cumprida! 
Man it´s so crazy how the time goes by so fast on your mission. I've almost been out a year now! And i've already passed my halfway mark! (one missionary told me i´ll probably be going home mid-January). 

This week was crazy like always, haha! We brought a few new people to church this past Sunday. We´re going to start teaching them a lot more this week. We have and investigator named Anna Paula that´s on date for this Sunday. The thing is that she is traveling still and will be out of town until this Thursday. We´re going to call here a lot this week and help her be prepared for this Sunday. Pray that everything goes well!

Claudio (investigator that we brought to church last week) is really unsure of things. I don´t think he´s received an answer to his prayers yet, but he´s still searching. We´ll see how it goes with him.

Awesome Families and Great People

Hey guys!

Sorry I have a bit short on time to write today. Man it is so hot!!!! I´m turning black, haha! Not really, just really really dark pink. I´m getting used to the weather though. 

This week was pretty good. We found a few super awesome families. Actually, we found lots of great people this past week. We've started teaching them and everything. Pretty much everyone was going to come to church too, but sadly only one ended up coming. We were a bit disappointed but these families said that they will for sure come to church with us this Sunday. We´re finally starting to get a big teaching pool, which is what we need right now.

We traveled to Camp Mourão again this week to help out a bit. We went on splits for a couple of hours and I went with Elder Hendrix! My former companion. It went pretty great!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Keeping Busy! Please Pray for the Missionaries

Bom dia!

Man this week has been super crazy and full of traveling. First off on Tuesday we had conselho de lideres which went really well. We learned a whole bunch and brought it back to the zone. I´ll be honest, it´s pretty hard to find time to work in our own area. We had splits this week and interviews and other stuff. I think I was in my area for 3 days this week. Because of that we didn´t really bring anyone to church on Sunday. Keeping busy for sure.

I´m really liking our area and the members that are here. They treat the missionaries really well. I´m still learning a lot with Elder Coelho and our house is pretty fun since 6 missionaries live there. 

We found a few people this week that have lots of great potential though. Last week we brought an investigator to church named Ana Paula. She totally loved church and loved everything. but that sunday she completely disappeared. When we finally got into contact with her she said that she was traveling. So we haven´t had the chance to teach her much yet. Hopefully this week we´ll be able to though. We have a few other investigators but we really have to work on finding some more to teach. Our teaching pool is really small right now.

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a Small World...Man I'm Tired!!

Bom dia! 

Hey guys! I hope everyone´s doing flipping awesome! I have one thing to say.
I AM TIRED! haha! i´m beat! I think after I finish emailing, I´m going to go home and sleep for a bit. We´ll see if I can, cuz we´ve got lot´s to do this week!

My new area is in the city of Maringá. This is my second area in Maringá, but in a different zone this time. My companion is Elder Coelho! He is a super awesome missionary! I won´t be surprised if he´s the next Assistant to the President. I´ve learned tons with him this week. How to fulfill my calling, help the zone, some teaching techniques, etc. Man he´s a super awesome missionary. He´s Brazilian, so I´m gonna get a lot more practice with my Portuguese. He´s pretty new on the mission too. He just has one more transfer than i do.

My new area is pretty great. It´s got tons of potential. When I got here they didn´t have very many investigators, but we found a few people this week. We have one investigator named Anna that is super awesome! She has a two year old little girl and she loved church. We´re going to be teaching her a lot this week, but unfortunately she wasn´t home when we stopped by yesterday.