Monday, July 28, 2014

Four Missionaries- Four Different Countries

Bom dia!!!!

Man this week passed by really fast. Actually this entire transfer is passing by fast. We´re already in the third week!

Elder M is a really good companion. We´re having success together. We definitely have to do more though.

One of our investigators is getting baptized tomorrow! Her name is Vera. She´s had a rough past, but she´s completely changing her life. She stopped smoking and drinking coffee. She really has such a strong desire to be baptized. She´s super awesome. After church yesterday, we walked up to her. She was looking at the baptismal font and crying. She is great. She´s super nice too! I think she´s about 50 years old. The ward is totally reaching out to her too.

Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm In Marilia!

July 21
Bom Dia!

Holy cow today has been a crazy week!

I´m in Marília! I´m actually liking my new area so far. My companion is Elder Manz. He´s from Argentina. He´s a really good missionary. He was half-way through his training when I got here. I´m going to finish his training.
He´s doing really well though. He´s not afraid to talk to people in the streets or anything like that. He already speaks really well. Actually, since he´s from Argentina he understands Português better than I do. We´re both going to learn lots this transfer together. 

Holy Cow! I'm getting Transferred!

July 14

Holy cow a lot happened this week. This week has been crazy!

Last week was the last week of transfers. I learned tons and grew a lot this transfer, and I know that I have tons more that I will learn this next transfer. 

Speaking of transfers....I´m getting transferred! Holy cow it totally caught me by surprise! I totally was not expecting to get transferred so quickly. Oh, and one more thing. I´m going to be training too! Holy cow I´m a bit nervous for that, but I´m definitely excited to. I know that I´m going to learn a lot this next transfer. My companion is going to be Elder Hanz. I have no idea if he´s American, Brazilian, or Hispanic. He already started his training. I´m just going to finish it with him.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Love Your Neighbor

Trevor with Elder Haws

What´s up!

Hope everyone had a good week! This week was pretty good. We had zone conference with mission president and a couple other zones. It was sweet! I got to talk to people that I haven´t seen in a while and everything. I ran into Elder Newkirk, my trainer! He´s doing pretty well. He´s zone leader in a nearby city. Hey mom do you know the Shenawerk´s? One of the assistants, Elder Shenawerk, said that you and his mom are really good friends or something like that. He´s going home next week. He´s a super cool guy though. So yeah, I learned tons that zone conference.
Trevor and Elder Schenewark