Monday, June 30, 2014

The Work is Progressing....

Hey guys! 

So this computer is really bad. I´m trying to send pictures but it´s really slow, so i don´t know if i´ll get to send them on time. i´ll do my best though. 

Wow this week has been a bit crazy. First off, our mission beat our record for baptisms in a month. We got  I think 191, which is really good. (mom we´re having that meeting with president this week so you´ll probably get pictures this week.)

Next, we had a baptism! Her name is Magda. She´s pretty cool. She´s like 50 something. She lives with her son and grandkids for now. We met her last week and invited her to church. She couldn´t go last week, so we stopped by her house this week. She LITERALLY asked when she could be baptized! haha! She was baptized on Saturday. We were doing splits so I didn´t get to see it, but I got to confirm her a member which was pretty cool. We´re more or less teaching her family right now. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crazy Week! T.V.s on Every Corner

June 23

Hey guys! 

Man this week has been pretty crazy! There was another Brazil game on Tuesday so we had to be home before 3 and leave at like 7:30. Actually, there´s another game today, so basically our p-day will be a bit longer than usual. Unfortunately I don´t have more time to email, so I´m a bit short. (Sorry mom, I don´t think I have time to send the pictures. Remind me next week and I´ll send them for sure. I really need to start taking more pictures.) 

Missions are Awesome!! It Was a Great Birthday!

Trevor's MTC Companion Elder Beltrani

June 16

Hey guys! 

Wow I have tons to say but I´m really short on time. I got 3 packages this week! Thank you so much mom and dad and family for your package! It was so awesome! Thank you so much Courtney Jensen and the Jensen family for your package! Thank you so much Aunt Christy for you package! It totally made my week and my birthday!

Happy  Father´s day Dad!

So the World Cup started this past week. The rule is that we have to return to our house at 3 and leave at 7:30 again when Brazil plays. They´ve only played once so far but they´re playing again tomorrow. It can get pretty crazy down here. We know when Brazil scores and stuff because their´s fireworks and people are screaming and everything. The work has been a bit more difficult but not really hard or anything. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Lord's Work Is Happening....

June 9, 2014

Holy cow!

This week has been a bit crazy. So last Monday 20 minutes after we finished emailing, (at like 2:30) I found out that I was actually leaving for Maringá (my new area) that day, and that my bus would leave at like 4:20! Haha! so we booked it backed to the house, packed everything as fast as we could, and left for the bus station. luckily I made it on time.

When I first got to Maringá I didn´t think I would really like this area, but I´m actually liking it a lot! My new companion is Elder H. He´s a pretty cool guy and a good missionary! We live with the Zone leaders in our zone. They´re pretty cool too. One´s Peruvian and the other is Brazilian. We moved this week! When I first got here we were living in a pretty crappy house. But this past week we moved to a different house which is flippin sweet! Haha! It´s a lot better than the other. (I´ll try and send pictures next week) It´s still a house for missionaries so it's not like super sheaky, but I´m liking it a lot.

It's Awesome Being Out Here On My Mission!

June 2, 2014

What´s up guys!

Holy cow, so this week was crazy. Right after we finished emailing last week, we found out that this transfer is only 5 weeks long! So this past week was the last week of transfers. And guess what I just found out...I’m getting transferred! Crazy! I’m excited, but also a bit nervous. My companion, Elder N is leaving too. He’s going to be a Zone leader in another area. I’m leaving the zone Londrina, and I’m going to a nearby city called Maringá. My new companion is going to be Elder  H. I don’t know him, but I’ve seen his name before. So yeah! Tomorrow I’m heading for a new area! It will be pretty crazy. And I still have to pack and everything!