Monday, August 25, 2014

We Shouldn't Procrastinate the Day of Our Repentance

Bom dia!!

Happy Birthday Matt! I realized your birthday would be this past week after i got off the computer last Monday. Hope it was good bro!

Man this past week was crazy! Then again it always is. First off, I´m not getting transferred. Actually, none of the missionaries that I live with are getting transferred. Elder M and I are going to be companions for one more transfer. We´re both excited to work hard and baptize lots!

Unfortunately Our investigator Nilse wasn´t baptized this past week, and now it looks like we´re going to have to stop teaching her. She was almost baptized a week ago, but she wanted to wait. We stopped by pretty much every day this week to help her out with smoking and have more desire to be baptized. We even went on splits with the Assistants! I was with Elder Juinsse. He was my zone leader in my first area. Man he is an awesome missionary. But still, Nilse wanted to wait. Then on Friday she smoked. When we got to her house she was just finishing the cigarette. She didn´t go to church on Sunday and she still wants to wait a while for baptism. It looks like we are going to have to stop teaching her for a while. It´s always hard, but we don´t have time to stop by every day if she won´t progress. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Continuing to Work Hard......A Great Week!

Hey guys!

Man this week went pretty great! :) First off, Vera finally got confirmed! We brought her to church. She brought her friend too, and her friend absolutely loved it! It was a pretty cool experience. Vera was even crying a bit after she was confirmed.

We did a lot better this week with the work. We talked to more people, brought investigators to church and everything like that.

WE ALMOST BAPTIZED NILSE YESTERDAY! Man she was so close. She was preparing for baptism all this week and even was really excited for it, but then called us Sunday morning and told us that she wants to wait longer to feel more prepared. We told her she at least had to do the baptismal interview and bring clothes and a towel. She went to church with everything and had the interview. She passed, but said that she wanted to wait. We tried basically everything to help her realize the importance of being baptized as fast as possible, but she wanted to wait to feel more prepared. Man she was sooo close!! Haha! She was there with everything. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I know she´ll be baptized eventually. She´s super awesome! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Difficulties and Challenges Give us Opportunities to Grow

What´s up everyone!

Man today has been full of ups and downs. Something crazy happened though. On Tuesday the other missionaries that I live with called me and told me that they were at an investigators house teaching. The investigator offered them grapejuice and said it didn´t have alcohol. They drank it and started to feel really drowsy and relaxed. They called me when they left and told me that they think they drank alcohol. We met them at the house and called the mission president and everything. They´re fine, but they felt different for a while. They don´t know if the guy gave it to them on purpose or it was a bit old and it fermented or something.  President just told them to be careful next time. But yeah it was pretty crazy, haha. Whenever they bump stuff or drop something now we joke that they´re still drunk, baha!

They language is coming along really well. I´m starting to feel more and more comfortable every week the Português.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Baptism!

E AÍ! 

Wow today has been a crazy week! always, haha! Hey mom you´re going to be really mad at me, but I totallly forgot my camara at home, please don´t kill me. I promise to send pictures next week. Sorry mom, love you!

Vera was baptized this week! I´ll see if my companion can send me a picture of the baptism. She is so awesome! she completely changed her life. She had a rough life in the past.  She stopped smoking and completely turned her life around. She was so excited to be baptized and make this covenant with God. 
Unfortunately she hasn't been confirmed yet. We stopped by her house to help bring her to church but she wasn't there. We found out after church that she wasn't there because she was in the hospital. She´s fine! she just had some kind of problem with a nosebleed or something. She´ll for sure be confirmed next week!