Monday, April 27, 2015

The Lord has a Hand in All Things....

Bom dia!
This is the last week of transfers. I can´t believe the transfer is going by so fast! then again i say that about every single transfer.

This week was sweet though! we brought this super awesome couple to church though yesterday. They were actually former investigator, but they were really receptive. We started out teaching Kátia, but then her husband was finally home and now we´re teaching him too! Kátia was in a bike accident recently and was feeling a bit of pain while she was at church, but they absolutely loved it. And what made it even better is that Thiago got his mission call yesterday at church and opened it at the end of sacrament meeting. He was teary and so were tons of other members, and they were really touched. Kátia said that they saw the members as a family. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Awesome Week!

What up!

Happy Birthday Dad! hope you have an awesome birthday this week! You too Momma Page! Hope it was awesome! love you guys so much.

Monday, April 13, 2015

You Can't Expect Different Results By Doing the Same Thing

Bom Dia! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their spring break! They week was pretty eventful.

First off we had a meeting with President Genaro which turned out ot be super awesome! While we were there, 4 Americans that got their VISAS arrived. It was super cool to talk to them. And one them had my package that you sent me Family! Man it was so tasty, Thanks guys! Haha, I gave some members and investigators warheads, haha I got a good laugh out of it. I even gave one to Sister Genaro, haha! I sure hope that she doesn´t tell President Genaro. ;)

On our way back from the meeting with President Genaro, we got a phone call. It was Tiago, the member who´s family we are teaching. He told us that his mom was going to let Vitoria be baptized, which was the biggest thing stopping her. Man that totally made our day. Vitoria really wanted to be baptized, but here mom didn´t want to let her yet. But after Mirian (her mom) decided to let her, Vitoria decided that she wanted to wait a bit longer. It looks like she´s a bit nervous and scared to be baptized. But we´re just going to do our best to help her out. Pray for her and her family please!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Feliz Páscoa! Be Deeply Rooted in the Gospel!

Bom dia! 

Feliz Páscoa! (Happy Easter!)

Conference was flippin awesome! I watched it in Portuguese so I didn´t get AS much out of it as I would in English, but I sure learned a lot. We brought an investigator to the last session of conference. She enjoyed it, but here 8 month baby was like crying the whole time. 

This week was a little disappointing with the work and all. We didn´t get to work as much as we wanted with conference and all and so we didn´t have as much success as we wanted. But we´re not going to let our faith falter. We´re going to keep working hard this week. Tonight we´re traveling to Londrina to a meeting with Pres. Genaro. I´m going to sleep in Elder Coelho´s (ex comp.) house tonight! It´ll bee good catching up with him and all. Then on Thursday we have zone meeting so it´s going to be super busy this week. We´re going to have to take advantage of the time we have to work in our area. Pray for us that it goes well.