Monday, December 28, 2015

Last Week to Work Hard... Pray for Our Investigators

Bom dia! 

Man it was so great to talk to you guys on Christmas! Man everyone´s growing so much!

Christmas here was HOT! haha, but pretty great. We had lunch, went to talk to you guys on skype, and then worked the rest of the day. The members here are really taking care of us. There are lots of great families here! Guess what happened yesterday! A stinkin bird crapped on my last white shirt! Man I´m gonna have to wash it pretty well get that stain out. Haha!

Monday, December 21, 2015

There is So Much to Do and So Little Time! Pray for Me....

Bom Dia! 

Man I just realized that I already told you about half of my week in the last email because of Christmas conference. The rest of the week was pretty great until Sunday morning, when everyone that we had to bring to church ended up not waking up or not coming. Yeah it was kind of a bummer. But now we´re up to the last week to find people to teach and baptize. We have a few that we are teaching but now we need to find more. 

I feel like there´s so much to do and so little time to do it. Pray for me please that we can find the miracles we need and the people that the Lord is preparing for us THIS WEEK. We really need it. I love this work so much and I never want to stop working. Maybe my 2 year mission will end, but I´ll never stop being a missionary. Pray that I can stay strong these last two weeks and work hard. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Christmas Conference was Awesome!

Hey family I got your package! Thanks so much. It was awesome and exactly what I needed! My comp and the missionaries that we live with sure liked it too. They told me to tell you thanks. Man you guys totally saved my life with the white shirt. I was going to have to go buy a good white shirt to come home cuz I don´t have a single one that´s not like ruined or yellow or totally worn out by the rain or sun. Thanks guys ! Love you so much!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Grateful for Church and the Opportunity to Partake of the Sacrament

You know that feeling you get when you are so wet that it doesn´t even matter if you get more wet or not. Yeah that's pretty much how I felt this week. We got soaked from Monday to Friday, it pretty much rained nonstop. We don´t have an umbrella! haha! But it was pretty fun. Wednesday morning we were walking to an appointment with an investigator (in the rain) when we heard a little "meow". We looked over and in a puddle of running water there was a plastic bag on the ground with 4 baby kittens that were soaking wet and almost drowning. Some JERK totally threw them away. So we grabbed them and put them out of the rain. We found a tree right next to a elementary school that was about to let the kids out for lunch. We figured  that some kids would find them and take care of them. and they did. When we stopped by later that day, they were gone, so someone took them home. Woo! Not only do we save souls as missionaries but we´re saving cats too! Heck yes!

Do you guys remember Maria that we were teaching. The one that´s 85 years old? She was baptized on Wednesday! She´s such a sweet lady and the members really took her in. One family brought her home to eat lunch with them after church. She´s pretty happy, but I feel kind of bad cuz when I  went to baptize her, she went under the water she opened her mouth and let a whole lot of water in. But she´s alright. I was a bit nervous to baptize her cuz I was afraid she would literally have to be "born again" after she came out of the water.