Monday, February 23, 2015

With Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Our Weaknesses Can Become Our Strengths

Bom dia com muito alegria!

Do you guys remember my Brazilian companion in the MTC? Elder Beltrani? He went home this past week. He´s had lots of health problems since he´s gotten here. Recently they found out that he has Crohn' disease (don´t know if I spelled that right). So unfortunately he had to go home, but he was a great missionary and really made a difference while he was here.

Elder Beltrani
Other than that, this week went pretty well! It went by fast but at the same time it feels like last p-day was forever ago! Last monday at the end of p-day, Elder Ortiz and Elder Jacobs got a phone call from the secretaries. They´re two other missionaries that were serving in our area. They got emergency transferred and caught the bus that same night for that area farthest away in the mission. Yeah that caught everyone by surprise. I was a bit bummed cuz we were all super good friends but I think they´re doing well. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Jumping for Joy... Families Can be Together Forever!

February 16, 2015

Bom dia!

Transfer week was this past week! Man it was super crazy. We only had like two days to work in our area. We had to wait in the bus station from 6 o'clock on Monday until midnight, and then all day on Tuesday in order to receive the new missionaries in the zone. The Tuesday night we traveled to Londrina for Leadership counsel and then got back really late on Wednesday night. Long story short, this week was super crazy.

Oh mom and dad I got your package! Thank you sooooo much!!! \It was AWESOME!!!! I took a picture with everything but with my companions camera since mine is broken. I´ll try and get it from him. Haha, and Elder Coelho told me to tell you thanks for the stocking full of candy that you gave him. Love you so much and it totally made my week!

Man this past week rained a ton too. Hey mom I bought new shoes, but I can´t promise that they´ll last very long, haha. With all the rain that´s been pouring, I don´t think i have anymore dry socks.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Change is Not Easy - It Takes Faith

Bom dia!

We have transfers today, and I´m staying! I´m super stoked! looks like Elder Coelho (my companion) is staying too! Wooh! it´s going to be a great transfer. Speaking of transfers, this transfer has been the fastest so far! It felt like just a few weeks. I´m a bit scared that the rest of my mission is going to fly by like that!

HUMP DAY was Thursday! 1 year on the Mish! Wooh!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Christ Suffered for Everyone

Feb, 2, 2015

Hey guys! Bom dia!

Happy Birthday Nathan. holy cow dude I can´t belive you´re 15 years old. Love you bro! hope you had an awesome b-day.

I just have to say that this week has probably been one of the wierdest weeks of my mission so far. I´m not going to go into too many details, but it was pretty crazy.

First off, we had a baptism! I don´t know ifIi told you last week about an investigator that came to church last week, Patricia. She´s about 20 years old.  Her and her dad, Osvaldo, came to church last Sunday. We started teaching them both this past week, but Osvaldo has a smoking addiction and is trying to stop. Patricia had a lot of doubts at first when we started teaching her, but over a few days we helped her resolve them. She came to church yesterday and had her baptismal interview after. After the interview, she told us that she was going to be baptized! She was baptized with a members daughter. It was a really awesome baptism! Patricia was a bit nervous at first, but was really happy afterwards. Her dad, Osvaldo, wants to be baptized too. We´re going to help him stop smoking this week. Please pray for him. He really wants to get rid of this addiction. Also pray for Patricia. She´s doing pretty well though. She made friends with a few members of the ward already.