Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Please Pray for Us!

Nov. 24, 2014

Bom dia! 
I´m in Londrina!! Man I can´t believe I´m already back in Londrina. And guess what, I´m in President Genaro´s ward! I´m going to be eating lunch with him this week! Crazy! Talk about pressure, haha! He´s always traveling though so he´s rarely in our ward on Sunday. My companion is Elder Hendrix. He´s actually a super awesome guy! He served 10 months in the U.S.. He was in Colorado. He got here one and a half transfers ago. He´s a really great missionary and he really likes to work. He already speaks really well too.

We live in a house behind some less-actives. They´re really great people and the house is pretty nice too. There´s only two missionaries that live in this house though.

I´ll be honest, I was a bit sad when I found out that I was leaving MarĂ­lia. I´m glad to be here in Londrina though. The members here are great! They give us soo much food. I´m seriously going to get so fat here! There´s a member of the church that owns a creamery. He makes super good ice cream. He´s pretty old and can´t carry much, so when we help him , he gives us free iced cream. Man it´s soo good! I didn´t think there was a day last week where we didn´t get some food from members. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Lord Has a Plan For Me...

November 17, 2014

Baptism of Carlos

Hey guys!

Man so much has happened this week that I don´t know if I´ll get to write it all. First off, I´ve been transferred!! Holy cow that caught me by surprise! I totally was not expecting that. I thought I would finish Elder Andrew´s training, but I guess not. I´m going to Londrina! It looks like I´ll be in the city part. We´ll see how it goes, haha. I think I´ll be finishing someone´s training. His name is Elder Hendrix. I don´t know him yet but i sure hope he´s a good guy, haha. So yep! I´m leaving MarĂ­lia. Man I´ve had such a great time here in this area and I´m really going to miss all of the members and investigators here.

Speaking of investigators. Carlos was baptized this week! He wasn´t baptized last week because he said he wouldn´t be able keep the law of chastity. We invited him to pray about the law of chastity that same night and he did. The next time we stopped by, he said  that he prayed and that it changed his mind! He had a few other doubts about some other stuff, but yesterday he was baptized! Man he is such an awesome guy! I´m really sad that I’m being transferred and that I´m not going to see him more. But I´m super happy that I was able to see him get baptized!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sometimes You Just Come Up Short....

Trevor and Elder Andrews  (check out his tan!)

Bom dia! 

Hey mom how many more weeks does Jordyn have on her mission? 1 or 2?

Hope everyone is doing well! Carlos was ALMOST baptized! He was doing so well, but on the day of his baptism, he decided not too. He said that he still wants to be baptized, but in the future. He´s really a super awesome guy, but unfortunately it looks like we´re going to have to cut him. Who knows, maybe he´ll change his mind in the future.

Caroliny was confirmed yesterday at church! There are lots of members that are starting to reach out to her now. I´m super stoked for her! She´s doing really well and wants to start prepping to enter the temple. Man she's changed her life so much since when we first met her.

We have lots of other really good investigators that we are teaching right now too. They´ve got lots of potential, but need to come to church.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We're Totally Stoked for Christmas!

Nov. 3, 2014

Hey guys!

This week went pretty well. Carolaine was baptized yesterday. She´s our investigator that didn´t believe in God when we first met her. Man she´s changed her life so much since the first time we met her. She´s had a lot of problems and a lot of fights with her family. She’s starting to fix her relationship and her family. She is so much happier since when we first met her. Her Dad came to see her baptism. During fast and testimony meeting, her dad stood up. He talked about how he was so happy for her daughter and the change she´s made in her life. Man i´m so glad we´ve got to be a part of it.

The other missionaries that we live with baptized a mom and her daughter yesterday too. So three people were baptized in our ward yesterday. We actually brought a lot of people to church yesterday. 
We actually have a lot of investigators to work with now.