Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Miracles! Heavenly Father Answers Prayers

Oct. 27, 2014

Bom dia! 

Man this week such a crazy and awesome week! Totally full of miracles!

First off, hey mom do you remember the package you sent me for Christmas a couple weeks ago. I got it, haha! Should i wait two months to open it because that´s kind of going to be a temptation. I your other package too! thank you so much mom and dad! Thank you SSOOO much Aunt Christy for your package too! It totally made my week!

We have an investigator named Carlos. He´s 40 years old and really wants to be baptized. He smokes but not much, like 2 cigarette a day. He went to church yesterday and loved it. He´s got a baptismal date for this Sunday, but he needs to stop smoking. Please keep him in your prayers! Man he´s such an awesome guy! 

We have another investigator named E. Her husband is a pastor for another church and absolutely hates mormons.This is the third Sunday in a row that she came to church on her own. Her siblings are members and she know a lot about the church. She hasn´t let us meet with her yet because she knows her husband will not approve. But yesterday at church she told me that she wants to start taking the lessons so that she can be baptized. She knows it´s true. She said that every time she reads the book of mormon she feels the spirit! Man that was such an awesome experience. We´re going to start meeting with her tomorrow.

Miracles- I Don't Speak English Very Well Anymore

Oct. 20, 2014

Hey guys!

Man today has been such a crazy week that I don´t know where to start! on top of that I'm running short on time to write today.

This week we found lots of new investigators, which is good since number has been slowly dwindling. We found a few families too that we´re starting to teach. We´re pretty excited to start teaching them a lot more.

Elder Andrews is doing really well. He´s already improved a bunch wth his Português! He´s really excited to learn and he´s improving really fast. He´s going to be a great missionary.

It's Getting Hot! I'm Training an American

Oct. 13, 2014

What´s up my peeps!

I´m training an American! His name is Elder Andrews and he´s a super awesome guy! He´s going to be a great missionary! He´s really new so he doesn´t speak too well yet, but I totally understand because I was the exact same when I first got on the mission. He´s from Rexburg, Idaho and he´s 25% Korean. That´s flippin sweet! He doesn´t speak a lot of Korean but he wrote my name in Korean. Jordyn, how do you understand that. It looks like a baby drew on a piece of paper, baha!

Elder Andrews and Elder Jackson

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Remembering My Brother and Friend Andrew Page

Andrew Page

October 6, 2014

Bom Dia com muito alegria!

Yesterday was the last day of transfers, and guess what......I´m going to train again! President Genaro called me last night and told me I will be training. Elder M is getting transferred to Cascavel and he´s going to be companions with Elder B, my companion from the MTC! Man he´s going to learn a lot from him. Elder B is a really awesome missionary.

So I´m super stoked to train. I more or less trained Elder M. I basically just finished the second part of his training. This time I´m geting a companion completely new to the field. I´m a bit nervous, but super excited for this opportunity I have to serve.

Man conference was so awesome! It was such a great experience to see the prophet´s face and hear such awesome talks! We watched it in Português this time. I realized that my Português has gotten a lot better!