Monday, September 28, 2015

Thanks for the Prayers!

What´s up guys!

Man this week ended up going like super well! We found a super awesome family. The mom is Marianne and she has 3 daughters, Maria eloisa (12), Maria something (11) and Ana Clara (8). They went to church yesterday and totally loved it. Marianne got kind of hungry towards the end, but she cried a couple times at church. We´ve made really good friends with the family and they´re really progressing. Marianne smokes a lot, but we´re helping them quit. Pray for them please, cuz they´re a really awesome family!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pray for Miracles! We Need Them....

Bom Dia!

Hey do you guys remember when I told you that it is super cold here. well, that was a lie, cuz I´m totally dying of hotness here! Haha! The weather here has been crazy. Now it´s super hot and it looks like it´s gonna stay that way from here on out. But who knows, maybe next week it´ll be cold again, we´ll see.

This week I worked a lot with Elder Brown, one of the missionaries that I live with. It went pretty well. We found a few really great people that are really interested in the gospel.  We brought a few more investigators to church this week and we´re gonna start teaching them some more.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Freezing in Brazil...Pray for Us!

September 14, 2015
Bom Dia! Hey guys!  
Man this week has had a lot of traveling. On Tuesday we went to Toledo, which is a nearby city to watch the district meeting there, and then we went on splits with two of the Elders. It was pretty great! We found a few great people for them to teach! Then we  worked in Palotina in the sisters area to help them find a few people to teach. We found a few really great people there too. haha, so long story short, we didn´t get back to our area until late Thursday night. 

Saturday arrived and we didn´t have very many people to bring to church, so we went contacting  a few houses, looking for people to bring to church on Sunday. One of our last stops for the night was a family that we talked to last week, but we hadn´t found home yet. They answered the door, let us in, and the dad and his son went to church yesterday. The dad´s name is Claudemire. The mom would´ve gone, but had to take care of her step mom that´s been sick in bed for like 2-3 months. So they went to church and totally loved it! we taught the restoration and he agreed to pray.unfortunately he has to get maried, but baptism is somethingthat he realizes he needs and wants and really wants to be baptized! now we just have to help them ge married. Hopefully it won´t be too difficult, haha.

Monday, September 7, 2015

We Have to Ask and Believe if We Want God to Answer our Prayers

Leadership Council

Bom dia!

Hey guys! man I heard about what happened with the BYU game! crazy awesome! I live with an Elder Brown. He´s from Utah and we both totally freaked out when we found out what happened! haha!

I´m in Cascavel! It´s a pretty big city and I´m liking it here a lot! We´ve got a lot to do here but we´re excited to do it all. My new companion is Elder Esteban. He´s from Colombia. He´s a pretty cool guy an we´re getting along pretty well! we´re all pretty excited to work wonders here. We have a few investigators that we´re teaching here but we have to find a lot more. We only got to work in our area for about 3 days because of the meeting that we had with president Genaro at the start of the week. But it´s a lot easier to talk to people in the streets because there are a lot more people in the streets here! We found a few people that are pretty open to the Gospel, so we´re excited to see what happens with them.

I just found out that Viviane was baptized this past week! She´s an investigator of ours in Apucarana. She was baptized this past week! I´m super happy for her and everything. Elder De Lima stayed in Apucarana and baptized her.