Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm Loving Foz Do Iguacu! Lots of Work to Do!

I´m loving Foz Do Iguaçu so far! It´s super great but Really HOT! 

Man it´s a pretty great area here. We have air conditioning in my apartment! not like the whole apartment, but there's air conditioning in the bedroom! It´s AWESOME! It´s the first time I´ve had an air conditioned house since I came to Brazil, haha so about 2 years. My new comp is Elder A. Gonçalves from Goiânia (central Brazil). He´s a super great missionary and we´re working well together. And no, we haven´t gone to the waterfalls yet, but hopefully a bit later in the transfer. 

But I´ll be honest, I am tired after we finish emailing, I´m going back to the apartment to SLEEP! Haha so that we can work hard next week!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanks for All the Support and Prayers

Bom dia!

It´s started. Man it´s so hard to believe how fast time passes. I hasn´t even hit me yet that I've started my last transfer of my mission. And frankly, I'm glad. I´m ready to work these last 6 weeks that I have.
Speaking of transfers, I´ve been transferred! Totally caught me off guard, but I`m not going to finish my mission here in Cascavel. I´m going to Foz do Iguaçu! My new companion is going to be Elder A. Gonçalves. I know him pretty well and he´s a really great missionary. He´s actually from my group, which means that this is his last transfer too. Crazy!
Transfer calls can be hard, especially when you love where you are serving.

So yeah, I´m kind of sad to leave this area because I´ve really enjoyed it and I have a really good companion, but I'm excited to work hard in Foz. I might be able to go see the waterfalls too! We´ll see. But just so you know. Foz is REALLY hot, so I´m definitely gonna get back like really  burnt!

Monday, November 16, 2015

This Is Exactly Where I Am Supposed to Be...The Joy of a Baptism

What´s up guys! 

Crazy week. starting off. Pedro was baptized yesterday!  He got married on Friday and was baptized after church yesterday. The Baptism was really spiritual. After the baptism he went up to bear his testimony and cried as he talked about how he felt and everything. Great experience! :) He knows all of the members really well since he´s been going to church since the start of this year, so he had a lot of support from the members.

Monday, November 9, 2015

You Never Know Who Is Prepared to Accept the Gospel

Mission Tour

Bom dia bom dia com muita alegria!

Great week! lots of great experiences but don´t have time to tell them all. Man i´ve really gota start writing in my journal, haha.

Pedro is on date for this Sunday! He´s getting married on Friday and his baptism is going to be sunday after church. I was talking to him Sunday. He´s a bit anxious, but really excited. He´s been prepping for a long time. 

We found lots of really good new investigators this week, and we´re really excited to keep working with them.

We´re teaching one investigator, named Frisnel. He´s one of the Hatians that we are bringing to church. The hardest part is teaching him because he has difficulty speaking and understanding portuguese. Haha, when we teach him, i feel like i´m back at the start of my mission again witht the language barrier, but that really reminded me of how much the Lord has blessed me to be able to get the hang of the language to the point of being able to preach the gospel. We´ve been trying to show him the video of the restoration because we can show it to hime in French, but he doesn´t have tv at home or internet, so we´re planning to do it at a member´s house or at the church. wish us luck! pray that it goes well!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hymns Can Help Make Things Better

Cascavel Zone

Bom Dia! 

I got your package Aunt Jackie and Christy! Thank you so much it was amazing and totally made my week!
We had our mission tour this week. Marcos Rais came to speak to us. He´s a member of the seventy. Super funny and really spiritual too. I really learned a lot that I´m going to apply to my mission for the next 2 months. We had a 7 hour bus ride to Londrina on Thursday, the mission tour on Friday and we got on the bus immediately after to go back to Cascavel.

But guess what happened, 2 hours in, the BUS BROKE! Haha and in the middle of nowhere too. We had to wait like two hours for somebody to come and fix it. But it was actually pretty fun. We sung a few upbeat hymns to keep everyone excited and we joked and talked a lot. There were about 30 missionaries on the bus (2 zones) But after a couple of hours, while we were waiting, one of the sisters in our zone that has a health problem basically stopped breathin and passed out. HOLY COW! Luckily my comp was like studying to be a doctor, so he was helping her while me and a bunch of other missionaries went to try and stop someone so that they could take her to the hospital.