Monday, July 27, 2015

The Lord Really Answers Prayers

Bom dia!

What´s up my peeps!

This week was super great! My new comp is Elder De Lima! He´s from Recife, the Northeast of Brazil. Man he´s a super awesome missionary and he loves to work hard. Speaking of work, that´s exactly what we did this week. Lots of contacts and looking for people to teach. 

The zone is completely different now. Only 5 missionaries stayed. Everyone else is new here. They´re kind of lost trying to find their way around, but they´re excited to work here

Do you guys remember Raíssa? she´s an 11 year old girl that´s been coming to church a lot lately. We´ve been teaching her mom and trying to get her to church, but it looks like something always happens to stop her from going. Her mom really wants to know if the church is true though. She´s just gotta come to church.

Monday, July 20, 2015

It's a Small World... Love You Page Family!

Hey family and friends! 

First off: thank you family for the packages! Thanks Mom and Dad! Thanks Aunt Jackie and Aunt Christy! Thank you so much too Grandma Butler and Grandma Jackson! I´m so grateful for such a wonderful family that cares for me so much! You guys are awesome!

We had zone conference this week! It was super awesome! We totally learned a lot from President Genaro! Transfers are today! I´m staying in Apucarana! Wooh! I´m pretty excited! It´s gonna be a great to stay here for 6 more weeks! I was afraid of leaving because things are starting to look up! My new companion is going to be Elder De Lima. He´s a super great missionary. I don´t know him too well but I've heard lots about him. Elder Fagundes is going to Londrina. 

I finally went to see Cida and her family! They´re family members of some of my friends in North Carolina! I went there with one of the missionaries that works in that area, Elder Hendrix. They´re super nice people. We joked around a bit and showed them a church film called Our Heavenly Father´s Plan. They seemed to really enjoy it. Elder Hendrix and his companion are going to start teaching them some more this week. Man they´re such nice people. Unfortunately Rafael wasn't there, but Cida and Morgana were!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Time is Flying! Please Pray for Our Investigators....

Bom Dia!

Man I´ve got to say that this week was super crazy! It rained all day for like 4 days straight! man I´m dying. It´s kind of hard to talk to people about the gospel in the streets when there´s nobody in the street to talk to, haha. So yeah we got a lot of rain! It was pretty good though. Brazil is needing it.

We´re starting to teach a lot more and we have some investigators that are progressing a lot! Karem is doing really awesome! She had been praying to come closer to the Lord and that´s when we talked to her at the bus terminal. She believes that the church is true and everything. But she traveled this week to see her cousin so we didn´t get to teach her that much this week. She knows the church is true though. She´s looking for a house in the city, but she wants to find one that is in the boundaries of our branch, so that she can come here. The members here received her really well.

Ordaísa is doing well too! She really wants to be baptized and with her daugter too, but she has to stop smoking. She really wants to stop. She went to Arapongos this past weekend and went to the branch there because she loved the church so much. Pray for her please to help her stop smoking!