Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Priorities Make a Difference

Hey guys!

Wow this week totally flew by! Tomorrow is transfers. We´ll find out what happens later today. Odds are we will stay here in our area. We might get another set of elders though! that would be awesome because we´ve been walking a lot lately because we´re the only elders in our area and our area is really big. We´ll see what happens!
This week went pretty well. Our zone and another zone had a meeting with the president this week. The guest speaker was his mom and dad! They were pretty cool and they gave awesome talks (a lot of which I didn´t understand, ha ha!) 

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Gospel Can Bless Everyone's Life

Hey guys! 

Holy cow this week was crazy and I don´t have too much time to write it all! I don´t know if I told you about this non-member named Vera L that visited our ward last Sunday. Her sister is a member, and she was living with her for a while
We went by her house this past Monday. Long story short, she was baptized Saturday! I´m super excited for her. She is a super awesome and super nice person! She looks so much happier since we first met her. 

When we first met her she talked about how her son died 4 years ago and some other stuff and how she´s been going through a hard time. It´s so awesome how the Gospel applies to everyone and can bless everyone´s life! She´s actually moving today to another city to live with her brother or something like that, so we´re going to send her information and everything to the ward over there. I have no doubt she´s going to remain firm in the Gospel!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter! I Love My Savior

Trevor enjoying the rain!

Hey guys!

Holy cow! I do not have that much time to email this week, but this week was crazy! The work went pretty well, but we did a lot of walking. Haha!

Yesterday we got up at 5:30 so we could get to our area at 7:30 (40-50 minutes by foot). We went by houses of less active and investigators that committed to come to church. We were running behind so we LITERALLY had to run from place to place for a bit. Haha! and we were in full suits and everything! Haha!  Luckily it was foggy that morning and not really hot, otherwise I would´ve died!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Love the Essence of the Gospel

Trevor and Elder K

Hey Guys! 

Hope everything is going well in The States!  It´s sad to about Esther passing away, but I know she's happier now that she is with George.

The package still hasn´t gotten here yet. It´s ok though, I think I´ll get it soon! I´ve asked some missionaries here. They said it can take from a couple weeks to a few months! Most of the time I don´t think it takes too long.

Conference was awesome! All the talks were amazing! I didn´t get to watch the Priesthood session because it started here at like 9 o’clock, but the others were great! 
We had a few of our investigators come to one of the sessions. A few that we invited weren´t able to make it, but the others did! It looked like they enjoyed it. I ended up watching 2nd session on Saturday in Portugu√™s, so I didn´t understand as much as I would´ve liked, but it was still good. And was awesome see the member of the 70 that spoke at Andrew´s funeral give a talk in Conference!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great Week! Loving the Mission Life! Adjusting to No Dinner!

Hey guys! 

How´s it going?! Hope everything is going well! (Thanks of the words of comfort and advice, if I don´t get a chance to email you individually, love you guys!) Holy cow I hope I have time to say everything!

This week was better! I adjust more and more every day, and I like it more and more every day. Don´t get me wrong, it´s still hard, but I´m adjusting to it.