Monday, May 5, 2014

Excited to Skype on Sunday- Not a Lot of Time Today

Hey guys!

Holy cow I´m short on time again this week! 

I´m super stoked to talk to you next week Mom, Dad, Matt, Nathan, Jenna!
We get to Skype for 40 minutes this next Sunday! We´re going to go to the house of a member and Skype probably around 5 o’clock our time. Maybe a bit sooner, maybe a bit later, so be prepared! Haha! I don´t know who´s going to Skype first though. If I go second, it´ll be about 45 minutes later.

This week was pretty good with missionary work and everything. We have a new investigator. Simoni and her daughter, Natália. They are awesome! They were references from a member here in our ward. They´re both really great and they´re progressing a lot. They have a baptismal date marked for this Saturday! Let ya know how it goes next week!

Aunt Christy I got both your packages this week! Thank you so much! It totally made my week and it had everything I was craving and more! I was a bit surprised because they both arrived around the same time, and one was sent two months before the other.

Grandma and Grandpa Butler. Thank you so much for the letter you sent! It was awesome to hear from you guys!

Church yesterday was a bit of a disappointment because we had a big list of people that would come to church, but only Simoni and Natália went. The others bailed. I thinks we´re going to start working in a different area because we´re not finding too much success in the area we´re working now.

Sorry I´m really short on time this week so I don´t really have a spiritual thought for this week.

Love you all and miss you! Hope everyone has a great week! Keep me posted with everything. 


Elder Jackson

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