Monday, May 26, 2014

I Am Starting to Think in Português!

Hey guys!

So this week was pretty crazy...again, haha!

To start off, Marcelo and Marcia were baptized on Saturday! Don´t know if I´ve talked about them yet. They went to the Assistant´s ward and loved it 2 or 3 sundays ago (They baptized Marcia´s sister there). They live in our area though so the Assistents sent us their names and address. They have a daughter named Marcela that is 7 years old.

When we were over at their house the other day, she showed me a movie that she loves to watch. It was that David and Goliath movie that Thurl Bailey is in. I told her that I met him once in the United States. She thought that was so cool.  I think she thought I really met Goliath, haha! I don´t know if it´s because she´s too young to understand or I don´t know how to speak Português. Baha! one of the two.

We had splits this week with the zone leaders. I went with Elder J, a missionary from Argentina. He´s a super awesome guy and a great missionary! One thing I realized though is that I have SO much to learn. With talking to people in the streets and during lessons, I´m not even close to where I want to be. I´ll definitely get it with time and practice though.

Sunday morning it was raining consistently. We went from house to house of our investigators, but either they didn´t answer or they couldn´t come because of the rain. So we definitely need to improve on bringing people to church. We´re going to work with that a lot this week.

Português is definitely coming. I realized that I´m starting to think in Português now. That´s definitely good! But I really have to learn a lot more words.

I was going to write more but I´m out of time. Love you guys so much! Keep me posted with everything! have a awesome week!

Elder Jackson

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