Monday, August 18, 2014

Continuing to Work Hard......A Great Week!

Hey guys!

Man this week went pretty great! :) First off, Vera finally got confirmed! We brought her to church. She brought her friend too, and her friend absolutely loved it! It was a pretty cool experience. Vera was even crying a bit after she was confirmed.

We did a lot better this week with the work. We talked to more people, brought investigators to church and everything like that.

WE ALMOST BAPTIZED NILSE YESTERDAY! Man she was so close. She was preparing for baptism all this week and even was really excited for it, but then called us Sunday morning and told us that she wants to wait longer to feel more prepared. We told her she at least had to do the baptismal interview and bring clothes and a towel. She went to church with everything and had the interview. She passed, but said that she wanted to wait. We tried basically everything to help her realize the importance of being baptized as fast as possible, but she wanted to wait to feel more prepared. Man she was sooo close!! Haha! She was there with everything. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I know she´ll be baptized eventually. She´s super awesome! 

This week was a great experience with teaching her and everything. We stopped by Monday night to see why she didn't go to church. She said that she basically didn't feel like going and returned home. She started smoking a lot again too. We helped her realize the importance of baptism and everything and on Tuesday she agreed to prepare for the baptismal interview. She stopped smoking, looked a lot more happier and progressed a lot. You can physically see the change she is making in her life. She just wants to wait longer to feel more prepared, which is normal for investigators. We´re going to do our best to help her feel more prepared and be baptized soon.

Oh, haha the other day we had a lunch appointment with a member. Something funny happened and we started laughing a bit (Elder C farted at the table and I think just us heard it). We were trying to hold it in and everything but then Elder M started sharing a message. While he was sharing a spiritual thought we were both trying so hard not to laugh. Finally he finished the message and we felt a bit relieved that they didn't notice we were laughing. But then they asked Elder A to say the closing prayer. We both knew right then we were done for, Baha! I was literally plugging my nose during the prayer so that I wouldn't laugh, but Elder C and I were laughing some during the prayer. But after the prayer we just started cracking up! Man it was so funny! we were laughing for like 5 minutes after we left there house. 

Haha, it was a good week. Love you all and miss you tons!

Boa semana!
Elder Jackson

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