Monday, August 25, 2014

We Shouldn't Procrastinate the Day of Our Repentance

Bom dia!!

Happy Birthday Matt! I realized your birthday would be this past week after i got off the computer last Monday. Hope it was good bro!

Man this past week was crazy! Then again it always is. First off, I´m not getting transferred. Actually, none of the missionaries that I live with are getting transferred. Elder M and I are going to be companions for one more transfer. We´re both excited to work hard and baptize lots!

Unfortunately Our investigator Nilse wasn´t baptized this past week, and now it looks like we´re going to have to stop teaching her. She was almost baptized a week ago, but she wanted to wait. We stopped by pretty much every day this week to help her out with smoking and have more desire to be baptized. We even went on splits with the Assistants! I was with Elder Juinsse. He was my zone leader in my first area. Man he is an awesome missionary. But still, Nilse wanted to wait. Then on Friday she smoked. When we got to her house she was just finishing the cigarette. She didn´t go to church on Sunday and she still wants to wait a while for baptism. It looks like we are going to have to stop teaching her for a while. It´s always hard, but we don´t have time to stop by every day if she won´t progress. 

But other than that this week was pretty great! We found some great people that have lot of potential. We also have some investigators that are progressing. We´re pretty stoked for this next transfer.

This past weekend we had stake conference. Elder Costa and Elder Lima, of the seventy were there! We went Saturday night and Sunday morning. It was pretty awesome. I learned tons! Elder Costa and Elder Lima are really inspired of God. 

One thing that I realized this past week is the importance of not procrastinating. The scriptures talk about how we shouldn´t procrastinate the day of our repentance. Sadly, our investigator did and it gave Satan more time to make her fall. Anything that is good should be done as fast as possible, whether it be spiritual or physical. I know that if we don´t procrastinate the day of our repentance we´ll be extremely blessed. And that goes for pretty much anything too! 


Man it´s getting a bit harder to write in English. If my writing doesn´t make much sense or is a bit weird, forgive me. Haha! love you all! Boa semana! Keep me posted with stuff.

(Hey matt, nathan, and jenna, how are you guys doing? haven´t heard from you in a while) Falou! Tchau!

Com amor, 

Elder Jackson

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