Monday, August 4, 2014

A Baptism!

E AÍ! 

Wow today has been a crazy week! always, haha! Hey mom you´re going to be really mad at me, but I totallly forgot my camara at home, please don´t kill me. I promise to send pictures next week. Sorry mom, love you!

Vera was baptized this week! I´ll see if my companion can send me a picture of the baptism. She is so awesome! she completely changed her life. She had a rough life in the past.  She stopped smoking and completely turned her life around. She was so excited to be baptized and make this covenant with God. 
Unfortunately she hasn't been confirmed yet. We stopped by her house to help bring her to church but she wasn't there. We found out after church that she wasn't there because she was in the hospital. She´s fine! she just had some kind of problem with a nosebleed or something. She´ll for sure be confirmed next week!

Man Sunday was pretty disappointing though. We had a big list of investigaorts to bring to church on Saturday night and only one came on Sunday. But that´s okay. We´re going to work a lot harder this next week.

Elder Manz is doing pretty well! He´s learning and growing a lot. One great thing about him is that he´s not afraid to talk. He´s going to be a great missionary.

The language is coming. The one thing i have to work on is vocabulary. I've got to learn a lot more words.
But yeah, this week was pretty crazy as usual. 

We have a few investigators and have lots of potential. Everyone smokes though! haha! We´re working with a few investigators to help them quit smoking.

But yeah, this week was pretty good. We´ve got to do a lot better though. Sorry, I ran out of time this week. I hope everyone is doing well. Love you all and miss you tons! Boa semana por todo! Falou! Tchau!


Elder Jackson

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