Monday, April 20, 2015

Awesome Week!

What up!

Happy Birthday Dad! hope you have an awesome birthday this week! You too Momma Page! Hope it was awesome! love you guys so much.

Man this was by far the fastest week of my mission yet! We´ve just like traveled the entire week! On Monday night we went to Campo Mourão (city that is a two hour bus ride). WE went on splits with the missionaries there on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday morning we went to Cianorte, another two hour bus ride to go on splits with the missionaries there. The we returned to Maringá  Thursday morning, another two hour bus ride, and worked in our area the rest of the day. Haha, it´s safe to say that i´m gonna start getting sick of the bus. THEN on Saturday after lunch we went back to Campo Mourão to do a few baptismal interviews there (2 hours) and then went back to Maringá after the interviews (2 more hours). haha yep.....

But it was pretty cool though. It was great to go on splits with some other missionaries. I went with Elder Manz, my ex-companion in Cianorte. Man i love that guy. He´s super awesome. and then in Campo Mourão, I went with Elder Shupe. He actually served in the North Carolina, Charlotte mission for one transfer while he was waiting for his VISA. But he served in Greensboro. He´s a super cool guy too and it was great to work and learn from them both this week.

Elder Nascimento is doing well. He´s only got 2 more weeks before he goes home.  He´s  a great companion and I'm learning tons from him.

V is doing well too. She wants to be baptized but she´s still really scared. Pray for her please. Unfortunately we really didn´t find many new people to teach this week because we weren´t working in our area very much. But this week we´re gonna work tons. We´ve got to start building our teaching pool a bit more. That´s our goal this week.

Other than all of that, this week was pretty normal. No huge spiders or anything. But hope everyone has an awesome week this week! I have a cool spiritual thought prepared but I ran out of time. I´ll try and share it next week! Boa semana! Love you all! Miss ya tons!

Elder Jackson

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