Monday, April 27, 2015

The Lord has a Hand in All Things....

Bom dia!
This is the last week of transfers. I can´t believe the transfer is going by so fast! then again i say that about every single transfer.

This week was sweet though! we brought this super awesome couple to church though yesterday. They were actually former investigator, but they were really receptive. We started out teaching Kátia, but then her husband was finally home and now we´re teaching him too! Kátia was in a bike accident recently and was feeling a bit of pain while she was at church, but they absolutely loved it. And what made it even better is that Thiago got his mission call yesterday at church and opened it at the end of sacrament meeting. He was teary and so were tons of other members, and they were really touched. Kátia said that they saw the members as a family. 

Speaking of Thiago´s calling, he´s going to the São Paulo North mission. He´s pretty stoked and so is his sister Vitória (who we are teaching). Not sure how it´s going with Vitória, but i think Thiago getting his call helped her a bit feel a bit better about the church and everything.
So we have a few super great people that we are teaching. But this is Elder Nascimento´s last week on the mission, so we´re gonna have a lots of good bye dinners and stuff. It should be a pretty fun week, but were gonna work hard and make the best of it.

My spiritual thought for today is in book of mormon, 1 Nefi 2. "And Nefi´s father dwelt in a tent". pretty simple right? Haha. Lehi was a pretty well off guy, but when the Lord told him to flee into the wilderness and leave everything behind, he did. He lived in a tent for 8 years. That´s  not an easy thing to do, but in the end, he and his family reached the promised land where they prospered. Sometimes we have trials or problems in our lives that we don´t exactly want. (man it´s pretty hard to write about the gospel in english) and we stop to ask why god is letting us go through this. But lots of time, the Lord is taking us from a good place, to help us find a BETTER place. The Lord has a hand in all things. be patient with problems that come and go. The Lord is leading a to the "promised land".

Love you all and miss ya tons! Boa semana!
Elder Jackson

His new shoes he bought two months ago...


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