Monday, April 13, 2015

You Can't Expect Different Results By Doing the Same Thing

Bom Dia! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their spring break! They week was pretty eventful.

First off we had a meeting with President Genaro which turned out ot be super awesome! While we were there, 4 Americans that got their VISAS arrived. It was super cool to talk to them. And one them had my package that you sent me Family! Man it was so tasty, Thanks guys! Haha, I gave some members and investigators warheads, haha I got a good laugh out of it. I even gave one to Sister Genaro, haha! I sure hope that she doesn´t tell President Genaro. ;)

On our way back from the meeting with President Genaro, we got a phone call. It was Tiago, the member who´s family we are teaching. He told us that his mom was going to let Vitoria be baptized, which was the biggest thing stopping her. Man that totally made our day. Vitoria really wanted to be baptized, but here mom didn´t want to let her yet. But after Mirian (her mom) decided to let her, Vitoria decided that she wanted to wait a bit longer. It looks like she´s a bit nervous and scared to be baptized. But we´re just going to do our best to help her out. Pray for her and her family please!

We taught Darcley this week too. She accepted baptism, but was never at home afterwards when we stopped by her house. Then we called the next morning to at least bring her to church.  She really wants to change her life and be a good example son in the future.

Unfortunately, the week didn´t go AS well as we had wanted, but we can´t let ourselves get down. It's actually been a long while since we´ve had success in this area. But we´re trying to improve and find more people to teach. We're looking for other ways to find success other than just knock on doors and stuff. You can´t expect different results by doing the same thing! That´s my spiritual thought for you guys today. If you want to improve some aspect of you life, physical or spiritual. Try to do something different,that will really help. If you want a greater testimony, you have to look a bit more or in another way. Love you all! miss ya tons! Have and awesome week!

Elder Jackson

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