Monday, July 27, 2015

The Lord Really Answers Prayers

Bom dia!

What´s up my peeps!

This week was super great! My new comp is Elder De Lima! He´s from Recife, the Northeast of Brazil. Man he´s a super awesome missionary and he loves to work hard. Speaking of work, that´s exactly what we did this week. Lots of contacts and looking for people to teach. 

The zone is completely different now. Only 5 missionaries stayed. Everyone else is new here. They´re kind of lost trying to find their way around, but they´re excited to work here

Do you guys remember Raíssa? she´s an 11 year old girl that´s been coming to church a lot lately. We´ve been teaching her mom and trying to get her to church, but it looks like something always happens to stop her from going. Her mom really wants to know if the church is true though. She´s just gotta come to church.

We were a bit disappointed on Sunday morning because lots of our investigators ended up not coming to church. But before sacrament meeting, a less active member walked in with his kids. His name is Antonio and he really wants to come back to church again, and he´s starting too. We´re gonna start teaching his family too, cuz they´re not members yet. 

But other than transfers, not too much happened this week. Just working hard, looking for more people to teach. We´re pretty excited for this transfer! It´s gonna be a great one! We´re traveling tonight to Londrina to have a meeting with President Genaro tomorrow. 

Oh! I totally forgot! Yesterday we were in a huge hurry to get to Antonio´s house because he lives really far away. On our way to catch the bus, we ran into Elder Graff! He finished his mission this past week and was going around visiting the areas that he served with his family! Man it was super cool to see him one more time before he went home. And him and his family gave us a ride, saving us tons on time! The Lord really answers prayers. It was weird. It was the first time that I spoke with Americans that aren´t missionaries in the last year and a half when I spoke with his family. I don´t think I´ll ever get my English back, haha! 

Boa semana!
Elder Jackson

Last district picture before transfers

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