Monday, July 6, 2015

Time is Flying! Please Pray for Our Investigators....

Bom Dia!

Man I´ve got to say that this week was super crazy! It rained all day for like 4 days straight! man I´m dying. It´s kind of hard to talk to people about the gospel in the streets when there´s nobody in the street to talk to, haha. So yeah we got a lot of rain! It was pretty good though. Brazil is needing it.

We´re starting to teach a lot more and we have some investigators that are progressing a lot! Karem is doing really awesome! She had been praying to come closer to the Lord and that´s when we talked to her at the bus terminal. She believes that the church is true and everything. But she traveled this week to see her cousin so we didn´t get to teach her that much this week. She knows the church is true though. She´s looking for a house in the city, but she wants to find one that is in the boundaries of our branch, so that she can come here. The members here received her really well.

Ordaísa is doing well too! She really wants to be baptized and with her daugter too, but she has to stop smoking. She really wants to stop. She went to Arapongos this past weekend and went to the branch there because she loved the church so much. Pray for her please to help her stop smoking!

Adriana really wants to be baptized and her husband too, but they have to get married first. Their son, Gabriel really wants to be baptized though, and their parents want him to as well. They said that after he came to church, his behavior improved a lot. Gabriel wants to be baptized and their parents want to keep coming to church to help him stay active until they get baptized. So we´ll see what happens with them. Progressing well too. 

Yesterday one of the members was going to help us pick up some investigators, but or ward mission leader called us last minute saying that the other member had to cancel last minute. So our ward mission leader (awesome guy) decided to help out. His wife needed their car to get to church, so he grabbed is decked up Beetle and took us to pick up some investigators. I say decked up because it´s a really old classic beetle with like monster wheel trucks to go mudding and 4 wheeling. haha! So we booked it to go pick up our investigators, but they got sick and couldn´t come. We were really late on our way back to the church. So he took a shorcut on this muddy (cuz it had rained) dirt road that was really rocky. Man it was so awesome! he was going super fast cuz we were late. It felt like we were 4 wheeling or mudding or something! haha. I´ll try and send a pic of his car next week. But then we showed up at church with a decked out beetle, haha which made some of the members laugh. but all in all this week was pretty good. 

Man out of time again, sorry. Please pray for our investigators! Love you all! Miss ya tons! Boa semana! Oh yeah,and yesterday I made a year and 5 months on the mish. Time is flying! Boa Semana!

Elder Jackson

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