Monday, September 7, 2015

We Have to Ask and Believe if We Want God to Answer our Prayers

Leadership Council

Bom dia!

Hey guys! man I heard about what happened with the BYU game! crazy awesome! I live with an Elder Brown. He´s from Utah and we both totally freaked out when we found out what happened! haha!

I´m in Cascavel! It´s a pretty big city and I´m liking it here a lot! We´ve got a lot to do here but we´re excited to do it all. My new companion is Elder Esteban. He´s from Colombia. He´s a pretty cool guy an we´re getting along pretty well! we´re all pretty excited to work wonders here. We have a few investigators that we´re teaching here but we have to find a lot more. We only got to work in our area for about 3 days because of the meeting that we had with president Genaro at the start of the week. But it´s a lot easier to talk to people in the streets because there are a lot more people in the streets here! We found a few people that are pretty open to the Gospel, so we´re excited to see what happens with them.

I just found out that Viviane was baptized this past week! She´s an investigator of ours in Apucarana. She was baptized this past week! I´m super happy for her and everything. Elder De Lima stayed in Apucarana and baptized her.

Oh, and we just found out who the new APs are in our mission. Elder Coelho! My ex-companion is one of them! Man he´s gonna be a super aweosme AP! Elder Coelho was one of my favorite companions so far, so I´m glad he got the call. He really deserved it. His comp is Elder Gadner, a super great missionary and friend too!

Pres. Genaro with his assistants

My message for today is actually a message that my mom gave me that I really liked and needed.

It´s so true. God really is waiting to answer us but we have to ASK and we have to BELIEVE. If we don´t include both, we wont receive an answer. Love you all! Miss ya tons! Boa Semana!

Elder Jackson

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