Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Freezing in Brazil...Pray for Us!

September 14, 2015
Bom Dia! Hey guys!  
Man this week has had a lot of traveling. On Tuesday we went to Toledo, which is a nearby city to watch the district meeting there, and then we went on splits with two of the Elders. It was pretty great! We found a few great people for them to teach! Then we  worked in Palotina in the sisters area to help them find a few people to teach. We found a few really great people there too. haha, so long story short, we didn´t get back to our area until late Thursday night. 

Saturday arrived and we didn´t have very many people to bring to church, so we went contacting  a few houses, looking for people to bring to church on Sunday. One of our last stops for the night was a family that we talked to last week, but we hadn´t found home yet. They answered the door, let us in, and the dad and his son went to church yesterday. The dad´s name is Claudemire. The mom would´ve gone, but had to take care of her step mom that´s been sick in bed for like 2-3 months. So they went to church and totally loved it! we taught the restoration and he agreed to pray.unfortunately he has to get maried, but baptism is somethingthat he realizes he needs and wants and really wants to be baptized! now we just have to help them ge married. Hopefully it won´t be too difficult, haha.

So do you remember when I told you that Cascavel was really hot, haha that pretty much was a big lie cuz I´m totally freezing my butt off here! Haha! It was super cold this week. It was like 45 degrees! For you guys, it may not be too cold, but we don´t have heat at home, so it was like 45 to 50 degrees inside the house. Haha, the good thing is that it´s starting to heat up a bit. But it kind of caught me by surprise.

We have a few more great investigators that we´re teaching right now, and we´re excited that the work is progressing. Pray for me that we can have spiritual experiences in this area and lots of success as well. Boa Semana! 
Elder Jackson

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