Monday, December 21, 2015

There is So Much to Do and So Little Time! Pray for Me....

Bom Dia! 

Man I just realized that I already told you about half of my week in the last email because of Christmas conference. The rest of the week was pretty great until Sunday morning, when everyone that we had to bring to church ended up not waking up or not coming. Yeah it was kind of a bummer. But now we´re up to the last week to find people to teach and baptize. We have a few that we are teaching but now we need to find more. 

I feel like there´s so much to do and so little time to do it. Pray for me please that we can find the miracles we need and the people that the Lord is preparing for us THIS WEEK. We really need it. I love this work so much and I never want to stop working. Maybe my 2 year mission will end, but I´ll never stop being a missionary. Pray that I can stay strong these last two weeks and work hard. 

My companions really love all the American candy, haha it´s pretty funny their reaction to pop rocks and warheads. Baha! I'm excited to see you guys at Christmas! But yeah I'm like super red right now because of the sun. Just to let you know, so that you guys don´t like freak out when I skype with you guys. haha. I'm probably gonna get on between 4 and 6 p.m. our time in Brazil.  But the exact time, I´m not sure yet. hopefully that helps! Haha sorry mom. 

Love you guys so much. Pray for me and the zone as well. It really works. The Gospel really does change lives, and this week we´re gonna find a family that will accept it. Love you all and miss ya tons! See ya in a couple of weeks! 

Elder Jackson

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