Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Christmas Conference was Awesome!

Hey family I got your package! Thanks so much. It was awesome and exactly what I needed! My comp and the missionaries that we live with sure liked it too. They told me to tell you thanks. Man you guys totally saved my life with the white shirt. I was going to have to go buy a good white shirt to come home cuz I don´t have a single one that´s not like ruined or yellow or totally worn out by the rain or sun. Thanks guys ! Love you so much!

Sorry I´m writing a couple of days late, we had christmas conference yesterday  and we had to travel there Monday morning and we got back at like 2 amthis morning. so I'm gettin on my email just now. our drive to Londrina was a bit interesting. about two hours in the elder that was sitting next to me told me that he was getting sick. and like 12 seconds later there was an explosion of vomit all over the van. I was hit! Haha, really gross but  a pretty cool experience to put in the mission journal.

Christmas conference was like awesome!!! It was great to see all of the awesome missionaries that I love so much all together for one last time. It was a bit hard saying goodbye to them, but we´re  for sure gonna keep in contact. but it was a hitter. When I started saying goodbye, it really started to hit me that I only have 3 more weeks. but i´m ready to keep working regardless. at the conference we had a talent show where every zone had to prepare a mini play or some talent or something. we prepped like a 10 minute play about a few things that happen on the mission and everyone died laughing! Haha man it was pretty great. I´d show you guys but it´s in Portuguese,  and I didn´t film it, but i´ll try and get the video from someone else.

We met a really great family that we are teaching. there´s one 17 year old named William. He´s a super cool guy and went to church with his sister on Sunday. He´s a great investigator and has already received a testimony of the Book of Mormon. So we´re going to work with him too this week, as well as with his sister. We´re gonna be working a lot with him this week. 

I went on splits with Elder A. Costa this week. Super great missionary and he´s pretty new too. He´s about 3 months in. He came to work with me in my area and my comp went to work with his comp in his area. It was pretty great. He´s really a hard worker and we had a lot of fun and learned lots together that day. Other than that it was a pretty normal week. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Sorry, short on time for a spiritual thought!

Love you all! hope you guys all have an awesome week. I´ll try and send some pics from the conference. 

Elder Jackson

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