Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wow! I Can Speak Portuguese!!

Trevor with his friend Christian from NC in the CTM

What's up guys!

Wow, I have lots to say and I’m not sure if I have enough time to say it. Congrats dad on the business! that's awesome! Sounds like you guys are all pretty busy. Hope everything goes well! keep me posted!

OH YEAH! BYU BEAT GONZAGA!!!! I knew we'd beat em. Haha!

Everything is going pretty well out here! So last week I went to the police department with tons of Hispanics and my companion to get our fingerprints and everything. It was super awesome to joke around and get to know some people. And a lot of them said that my Portuguese is really good for only being out for a couple weeks! Which is like an awesome compliment for me! Don't worry, I didn't let it go to my head because I still don't have a clue of what people are saying most of the time.

 But yeah! we were at the department, and there were tons of people sitting and waiting in line and stuff. I sat down next to this Brazilian guy. I had a few pass along cards for free Book of Mormons and stuff so after I talked to him for all of 10 seconds, I tried to give him one. I ended up scaring him away. LITERALLY! Not long after he refused, he got up and sat somewhere else, haha! Sounds like I've got room for improvement. But that's not the cool part. Later on, while we were waiting, I started talking to some Brazilian lady, and we ended up talking for like 15 minutes! it was stinkin awesome! I told her who i was and why I was out here and how I’m learning the language (which she could already tell). Then I learned about her and her family and everything. When I had to go, I was going to give her a card, but I lent mine out to other missionaries to use, so i didn't have anymore to give her. So I just told her that if she wanted to learn about the church, she could talk to some missionaries that were standing on the other side of the department. They were actually missionaries that are in the field. I talked to them for a bit to. It was awesome!

Then a few days ago we were having a discussion with one of our investigators (who was actually my teacher). It was one of the best lessons I've had yet! We were going to talk about a few lessons but we didn't even get to them because she was talking about how she had a problem with smoking, (we taught word of wisdom the day before). We created a plan to get her to quit by the end of February and we told her that with the lord's help she could do it. WE cold really feel the spirit during that lesson. We could tell she could too cuz she started crying a bit when we were bearing our testimonies and stuff.

But I totally messed up during the lesson! I tried to share with her a scripture (Proverbs 3:5-6) which basically says "trust in the Lord with all thy heart" when i was trying to tell her to have faith that the lord will help her, but I shared the wrong scripture! I read Proverbs 4:5-6. And I didn't know till after because it was in Portuguese! The scripture really made no sense with what we were teaching, but she went along with it. Haha!

Elder Jackson

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