Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Went Proselyting! It Was Awesome!

                                                                                                                          March 5, 2014

Hey guys!

Another week at the CTM in Brazil! That's awesome that Katie got her VISA. It's too bad that she's going to get here after I'm gone though. Everything is going pretty well out here! I'm still getting better at Portuguese every day, but not as fast as I was the first few weeks. That's what someone told me would happen though. It's definitely coming. I'm still having trouble understanding a lot when people talk, especially outside the CTM. I do pretty well when they talk about gospel stuff but when  they talk about most anything else I get kind of lost.

The food here is still pretty good! I'm actually starting to like it a lot! I never knew that I liked beans and rice! Ha Ha!  JK  They have a lot of other stuff. But they still have a lot of beans and rice.

We went proselyting last week! It was a pretty awesome experience! They took us to the city center and gave us 9 Book of Mormons to hand out (3 per missionary). Each of us gave one away on the bus, and the rest we gave away to others walking around. I'll be honest I was a bit nervous at first, but it went really well. There were some people that didn't want to hear our message, but everyone that did ended up accepting a Book of Mormon. Pretty awesome experience!  My companions, Both Elder's Olsen (they're twins) have been out a week longer than me, and they're really smart. So they speak a lot better Portuguese than I do. They definitely did better than I did with the language that day, but I'm not going to compare myself to them. As long as I do my best I'll get the language down. We finished placing the Book of Mormons early so we talked to a couple of people and gave out some cards. On the way back, i sat next to someone that was deaf.   We ended up writing to communicate. He was a really nice guy. I ended up giving him a pass-a-long card as well. So yep! Everything is going pretty well here! I leave for my mission in less than two weeks! I'm excited to get out into the field but also pretty nervous, especially with the language. It'll take some time, but I get it down eventually. Hope everyone has a great week keep me updated with everything! Love you all!

Elder Jackson

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