Monday, March 24, 2014

Never Walked So Much and I love Beans and Rice!

Trevor arriving in Londrina with other missionaries

Hey guys!

My first week in Londrina! Where to start? My first companion and trainer is Elder N. He´s an American! Haha! He´s a super cool and super nice guy! He´s a great missionary too. 

We didn´t really have any investigators when we got to our area, other than I think 1 more or less. But we had two investigators at church yesterday! My companion and I were assigned to the Q area. My ward is pretty cool as far as I can tell! Tons of people are super nice.
When we first got into the apartment, my companion told me that we were assigned to give talks this week on Sunday for Sacrament meeting. Luckily mine only had to be 5 minutes. It went pretty well. I explained how it was my first week in the field and that I didn´t speak Portugu√™s  very well yet. But after my talk people kept telling me I speak great, especially for this being my first week in the field.

I´ll be honest, the work is pretty hard. We walk a ton! At the end of each day, we usually have to walk 40 minutes or so just to get to the apartment. Also I still have A LOT to learn with the language. I haven´t really talked that much with members and investigators because I don´t really know how yet.

(To be honest, this week at times has been really hard. at times when I think about doing it for 2 years, I get a bit homesick and discouraged, but there are other times when I actually enjoy it. I guess it just depends on the time of day and what´s going on). I guess I´ll learn with time though! Mission president and other missionaries told me not to worry about the language. A couple missionaries told me that usually the first transfer is the hardest and after that you get accustomed and it gets better. I feel like I’m improving every day though, which is good!

Mom you were right, I eat rice and beans pretty much every day! But it´s awesome I love rice and beans now! HAHA! My apartment is pretty worn down, but it´s not too bad.
One thing I´ve noticed is there´s a lot of poor areas around. Part of my area is actually pretty wealthy, but the other part is pretty poor. Here it´s like the poor in the U.S. are well off here in Brazil. The Well off in the U.S. are rich here, and the rich here are super rich! My mission has pretty much a mixture of everyone. 

So yeah, it was a hard but good week!  Sorry I´m out of time,  love you guys! Have a great week! Keep me in your prayers! 
If you sent an email and I didn´t respond, it´s because I ran out of time.

Love you guys! Keep me Posted!

Elder Jackson

First meal in Londrina

Trevor and CTM Teacher

Trevor and missionary friends in the CTM

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  1. I'm glad he's honest about it being hard. My son never shares any thing discouraging or negative. I think he didn't want me to worry. But he has a great attitude and is willing to work - so important!