Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Priorities Make a Difference

Hey guys!

Wow this week totally flew by! Tomorrow is transfers. We´ll find out what happens later today. Odds are we will stay here in our area. We might get another set of elders though! that would be awesome because we´ve been walking a lot lately because we´re the only elders in our area and our area is really big. We´ll see what happens!
This week went pretty well. Our zone and another zone had a meeting with the president this week. The guest speaker was his mom and dad! They were pretty cool and they gave awesome talks (a lot of which I didn´t understand, ha ha!) 

They secretary just called while I am emailing. It turns out we´re not going to receive another set of missionaries this transfer. We´ll work through it though! Having another set has both pros and cons.

One of our investigators Teo is doing pretty well. I think I might have already told you about him. His wife´s a member. He accepted baptism but he has a few doubts. We´re going to teach him more this week. He's pretty awesome, but he works and travels a lot. 

Congrats Aunt Missy and Uncle Tyler! I can´t wait to meet my new cousin! 

I am still without a nametag, haha! Actually, I have one but it´s one of the secretary´s. It´s got the wrong name but the more important name is the name of the church. My new nametag should arrive this week.

Mónica came to church with us yesterday. I talked about her last week. Her husband and son accepted baptism and her parents are less actives. They have to get married legally first. They´re an awesome family though!

The packages from you and aunt christy came this past week! One of the secretaries told us that I had 2 packages, but I have to wait til later this week to get them.

Haha, I don´t need much for my birthday. but food wise, maybe some mac and cheese, american candy, and peanut butter. They don´t have that stuff here much. They have like chocolate but it´s pretty expensive. And they don´t really have like sour patch kids, skittles, starbursts and stuff like that.

Spiritual Thought:
I forget who, but someone in general conference talked about putting family home evening, family prayer, and family scripture study first in priority. I know that when families do these things together continually, they will closer and be happier! But he said that we need to put these things first over work, school, and whatever else. Being out here a short 3 months I´ve already started to see a difference that these things make in people´s lives!
Boa semana!

Love you guys!  Keep me posted with everything!

Elder Jackson

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