Monday, July 28, 2014

Four Missionaries- Four Different Countries

Bom dia!!!!

Man this week passed by really fast. Actually this entire transfer is passing by fast. We´re already in the third week!

Elder M is a really good companion. We´re having success together. We definitely have to do more though.

One of our investigators is getting baptized tomorrow! Her name is Vera. She´s had a rough past, but she´s completely changing her life. She stopped smoking and drinking coffee. She really has such a strong desire to be baptized. She´s super awesome. After church yesterday, we walked up to her. She was looking at the baptismal font and crying. She is great. She´s super nice too! I think she´s about 50 years old. The ward is totally reaching out to her too.

Elder M and I are pretty excited about her baptism tomorrow. Other than her we have a few investigators that we brought to church that we are going to start teaching.

Man the weather was crazy earlier this week. It rained a lot and had a lot of wind. It was actually pretty fun. We were runnying late for lunch at a members house and were trying to get there as fast as possible. It was raining a good bit and the wind totally broke Elder A's monster of an umbrella. Haha, we couldn´t stop cracking up! This transfer and last have been filled with lots of laughter.

Our house is pretty nice too. We live with one more set of Elders, Elder C and Elder A. Elder C is from Peru and Elder A is from Mozambique. Haha we have 4 missionaries from 4 different countries! Elder A was actually in my Brazilian district in the MTC. It was a super awesome surprise when I learned we were living in the same house. He´s super awesome and super funny, and I actually understand him now! Haha! It was pretty rough to understand him in the MTC. 

The members in our ward are super awesome too! There´s one member that loves trading stuff with missionaries from the U.S.. He´s pretty funny. 

But yeah, it´s been a great week. 

Love you all and miss you tons! 

Hope every has an awesome week.

Boa semana!
Elder Jackson

Pictures from Zone Conference

They Got Some Chocolate Candy Bars!

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