Monday, July 7, 2014

Love Your Neighbor

Trevor with Elder Haws

What´s up!

Hope everyone had a good week! This week was pretty good. We had zone conference with mission president and a couple other zones. It was sweet! I got to talk to people that I haven´t seen in a while and everything. I ran into Elder Newkirk, my trainer! He´s doing pretty well. He´s zone leader in a nearby city. Hey mom do you know the Shenawerk´s? One of the assistants, Elder Shenawerk, said that you and his mom are really good friends or something like that. He´s going home next week. He´s a super cool guy though. So yeah, I learned tons that zone conference.
Trevor and Elder Schenewark

Lots of our investigators are traveling right now. C is doing really well.(One of our investigators) She was almost baptized this past week, but she´s a bit nervous about enduring to the end and stuff like that. She said she wants to be baptized though. She and her daughter are super awesome! We´re going to help them get baptized this next week. She said she wants to be baptized before one of us leaves, and Elder Haws is PROBABLY going to leave next week after transfers for a new area. So we really are going to work hard with her this week.

Speaking of which, Elder Haws and the two other missionaries that we live with are awesome! We definitely like to joke around a lot and stuff. During the world cup, we played baseball in our yard with a stick and a small little basketball. 

One big problem that I have with Português is that I talk really fast. Surprise surprise...haha! Yeah I know I already had that problem before my mission with English. But I´m working on talking slower so that people can understand me better. I´ve definitely got to work on that.

One thing that I learned here in Brazil that it´s really important  to love your neighbor. Sometimes people don´t treat missionaries the best. It can be pretty tough not to be mad at someone if they treat you poorly, but it´s important to keep loving them. Because we all are brothers and sisters. That´s something I´m still trying to work and improve on. Hope you guys do too. 

So yep! That´s what´s going on here! The next Brazil game is tomorrow I think so we´ll be staying inside for part of the day. Hope everyone has an awesome week! Love you all! Miss ya tons! até mais! Tchau!

Boa semana!
Elder Jackson

Trevor had a great birthday! He is not starving.

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