Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm In Marilia!

July 21
Bom Dia!

Holy cow today has been a crazy week!

I´m in Marília! I´m actually liking my new area so far. My companion is Elder Manz. He´s from Argentina. He´s a really good missionary. He was half-way through his training when I got here. I´m going to finish his training.
He´s doing really well though. He´s not afraid to talk to people in the streets or anything like that. He already speaks really well. Actually, since he´s from Argentina he understands Português better than I do. We´re both going to learn lots this transfer together. 

I was actually a bit happy when I found out that my companion is from Argentina. He basically understands everything so I don´t have to worry too much if I don´t understand something that someone says. 

This week was pretty good. We found a few people and are teaching some other investigators that we already have. Pretty much all of our investigators smoke though! Man it´s killing me, haha! We´re trying to help them quit smoking, but it´s pretty hard because they´ve been smoking all their life. We´re working with them though. The ward is pretty great too. It´s also pretty small.

This week Elder Manz spoke with a lady and invited her to church. She said she would go, but she said she wouldn´t need help getting there. She actually showed up! She came with her husband and one of her kids. We weren´t there because we were out finding our investigators. They left after the first hour though. The other set of elders called us and said they came and left. We stopped by that day and they said because they had a lot of stuff to do that day. They have potential though.

Sacrament meeting is usally the third hour in Brazil. When it got to the third hour, Bishop asked me if I could give a talk for 5 minutes. Haha, wasn´t expecting that. It went well though. I talked about Jesus Christ and his Atonement. 

Man it looks like you guys are having a blast out in Utah! (sorry mom and dad i don´t know if i have time to respond to  your emails today.) 

But yeah! this week was great and I´m excited to have an even better week! Love you guys so much and I miss you all tons! Boa semana! Me escreve! haha Tchau!

Com amor, 
Elder Jackson

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