Monday, July 21, 2014

Holy Cow! I'm getting Transferred!

July 14

Holy cow a lot happened this week. This week has been crazy!

Last week was the last week of transfers. I learned tons and grew a lot this transfer, and I know that I have tons more that I will learn this next transfer. 

Speaking of transfers....I´m getting transferred! Holy cow it totally caught me by surprise! I totally was not expecting to get transferred so quickly. Oh, and one more thing. I´m going to be training too! Holy cow I´m a bit nervous for that, but I´m definitely excited to. I know that I´m going to learn a lot this next transfer. My companion is going to be Elder Hanz. I have no idea if he´s American, Brazilian, or Hispanic. He already started his training. I´m just going to finish it with him.

I´m going to be in a city called Marília. It´s actually in the state of São Paulo. Elder Haws is getting transferred too. It´s crazy though because we told all of our investigators and stuff that just he was leaving. Now I am too! I didn´t really get a chance to say goodbye. I might have a chance tonight. 

Our investigators are doing well. Hopefully they will be baptized here in a few weeks. It´s a little sad that I won´t be there for it though. 

This week was pretty good with work and everything. We found a few people, cut some others, and did some stuff like that. Elder Haws has been a great companion. He´s going home in October so he doesn´t have much time left. It´s definitely been fun though. 

We were originally going to have a big water balloon fight today, but i don´t know if i´ll have time to. Sure hope i will. it should be pretty sweet. We bought like 400 big balloons to fill with water.
I´ll be honest. I´m excited, but also a bit nervous about this next transfer. I still have so much to learn. But I know that President Genaro is called of God and receives revelation from him. He sent me a quote this past week after I sent my weekly email to him. It talked about the importance of study and faith in learning and growing. I´m definitely going to apply what he said. I´m excited to learn a lot this next transfer. I know it will be hard but I know the Lord is going to help me. Boa semana! love you all and miss you tons! Tchau!
com amor,
Elder Jackson

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