Monday, September 22, 2014

Casa Celestial - A Baptism!

Casa Celestial House
What´s up!
Hope everyone is doing stinkin awesome in the states! Man this week was crazy, like every week pretty much.

Do you guys remember Caio, the 15 year-old that came to church last Sunday?
HE WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY! Wooh! Man he´s such an awesome guy. He´s 15 years old but he looks older than me. (then again it´s not too hard to look older than me, baha!) His little brother was actually baptized a few months ago. We started teaching him this past week and he was baptized yesterday! After the baptism, his other little brother said that he wants to be baptized! We´re going to teach and prepare his brother for baptism this week too!Their mom is really cool and she supports them and everything. She drinks beer and coffee though and doesn´t really want to give it up. We´re going to keep working with her though!

Caio's Baptism
So yeah! That was the super good news. But there´s more! So the mission president´s wife always stops by the missionaries´ homes and basically has an inspection. If it´s SUPER clean, our house is awarded the name, casa celestial (celestial house). We knew when she was coming, so we woke up at like 5 A.M. and cleaned for like 4 hours. We got it though! Then Sister Genaro called me yesterday. We have something called mission tour tomorrow. A member of the seventy, Elder Mozart Soares, is coming to talk with the missionaries. It´s pretty much an all day thing. When he comes though, he said that he´s going to look at a few missionary houses. Sister Genaro said if she gets to choose the houses, she´s going to send him to ours! A member of the seventy might come look at our house! There´s 4 missionaries that live in our house. We got up this morning and had to clean everything all over again. It´ll be pretty awesome if he comes to visit our house though.

But yeah, this week was pretty good. We´re starting to work in a new area because the area where we were working is pretty dry. There´s lots of potential in our new area though. We've got to start working hard since we have only two weeks left this transfer. Man this has been the fastest transfer yet. There are a lot of missionaries I know that are going home this transfer. One of them is my last companion, Elder Haws. He´s a super cool guy! I´ll see him at least one more time before he leaves though. 

So yep! This week was pretty awesome! I´m excited to finish this transfer strong and keep working hard next transfer. Love you guys! miss you all tons! keep me posted with what´s going on.  Oh and I want to send you guys a package! I´ll see if I can figure out how this week.  I´m going to try and send you a package anyways with some Brazilian stuff.   Boa semana!


Elder Jackson

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