Monday, September 8, 2014

You Have Not Failed Until You Quit Trying

Bom dia!

How´s everyone doing? This week was pretty good. Elder M is a really good missionary and we're pretty excited for this transfer. 

Guess what! I found out that one of my investigators from Maringá was finally baptized. Her name is Cleiza. Man she is really awesome! I was a bit sad when I found out I was getting transferred and I wouldn't be there to see her get baptized, but I´m super happy for her! She's the type of person that you know will stay active and be a strong member. It was so awesome to see her change while we were with her in Maringá. It´s so awesome to see her make such a special covenant with God.

So yeah that was something great that I learned! We brought one of our investigators to church yesterday. Her 22 year old son was planning on going to but cancelled last second. They both have tons of potential and are really awesome people. Terezinha has to quit smoking though, and we have to bring Alessandro (her son) to church as well.

Man we had a big list of people to bring to church on Sunday, but only one came. Sometimes it´s a bit hard when you work so hard all week and it doesn't show a lot of success. But we´re determined to find lots more people this week. 

I´m learning how to do tons of stuff here on the mission. I´m actually starting to cook now. I NEVER COOK! What´s happening to me?! Haha! I usually just buy those freezer meals, put em in the microwave and eat it, but they don´t have a lot of freezer meals here and when they do it´s pretty expensive. Wow, missionaries are pretty poor so we have to get creative with stuff sometimes.

Holy cow it´s hard to believe that Jordyn is coming home in two months! Her mission went by so fast! Some of my roommates from college are already a year out on their mission! And I´m already almost 1/3 way done! Time definitely flies!

I really like one quote that President Hinckley said. Mom gave me the quote, thanks mom!
He says-

It´s pretty simple but pretty powerful. We haven´t been having too much success lately in our area. But we're going to keep on working until we do! The scriptures talk about how faith without works is dead. You have to have faith, and lots of it in order to have success. But we can´t sit on our but eating ice cream, and expect to have success. (especially since we can´t afford ice cream, baha!) We´re excited to work hard this week and have success with the Lord´s work!
Boa semana! amo vocês!

Elder Jackson

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