Monday, September 15, 2014

It's the Lord's Work and There's no Time to Slack Off

Bom dia!

What´s up guys?  How´s it going way up there in the states? It´s definitely getting hot up here. It´s not that it´s too hot but there´s definitely lots of sun. I´m turning into an umpaloompa! (i don´t know how to spell that). Everyone that talks to me says I should wear sunscreen and stuff. But the problem is that I do! bahah, pretty much every day. 

We were eating at a member´s house the other day and the mom asked me if she could paint my eyebrows since they´re like really blonde. What?? baha! yeah I said no. haha, it was pretty funny though.

This week went pretty well. We brought our investigator, Teresinha to church yesterday again. She super great and she´s progressing too, but she has to quit smoking still. The weekly goals for our mission are increasing a lot. A while ago they made a new goal of 150 contacts a week. It took a while, but finally Elder M and I got 150 in a week. We´re going to try to do even more next week. 

Wow this transfer is passing by really fast. We´re already half way through. I´m pretty sure Elder M will be transferred, but I don´t know if I will or not. We´ll just have to see here in a few weeks.

Hey Nathan how´s BYU doing in Football so far? Are they still killing?

Elder Manz and I are going to start working in a new area. We´ve been working in one neighborhood for a while, and we have a few really good people, but the area is pretty burned. We´re going to keep working with the investigators that we have, and start working in a new area. It´s got a lot of new people since it´s a new area. We´re pretty stoked about proselyting there. 

So yeah! This week was pretty great! We´re improving a lot as a companionship and we´re excited for the weeks to come in our area. One thing about the mission is that you always have to keep improving. It´s the Lord´s work and there´s no time to slack off. The mission is such a great experience and I´m so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the people of Brazil! Love you all! Miss you tons! Have a great week!


Elder Jackson

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