Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Mission is Awesome! Keeping Busy

The mission is awesome!

I know I always say that but it really is! This week went pretty well! We baptized Iran this week! Iran is Caio´s brother. Caio was baptized last week. Their mom supports them and everything, but it doesn´t look like she wants to get baptized any time soon. She doesn´t want to give up coffee. We´ll see in the future though! Iran is really awesome kid! He´s __years old, and now he´s the third in his family to be baptized. One of his brothers was baptized about a year ago, the other a week ago,and he was just baptized this week!

Mission tour was super good! I learned a ton! I´ve learned tons of ways to improve as a missionary. I also got to see lots of other missionaries. I saw Elder Haws (my last companion)! He´s a super cool guy and he actually gets home from his mission next week. 

It turns out that the member of the seventy didn´t come to our house. We cleaned it really well though in case he did. But yeah it went really well.

Man there´s only one more week until transfers. We´ve got a lot of work to do in our area. We have a couple investigators that have chance of being baptized this week, but we have to work with them a lot these next few days. We have one investigator named Terizinha. She wants to be baptized but has to quit smoking still. She´s smoked since she was a teenager and now she like 56 years old. She wants to stop though!

As for transfers, i have no idea what is going to happen! I pretty sure Elder Manz will be transferred, but it´s still up in the air if I will. We´ll just have to see.

Hey Jordyn don´t get trunky! Haha! Man it´s hard to believe that Jordyn has like 2 months left on her mission. The time passes by so fast.

Marianne congratulations for your baptism! That´s super awesome and I look forward to meeting you after the mission.

So yeah, this week was good. Anything new or crazy going on in the States? Keep me posted with everything. Don´t forget to write! Haha!

Hope everyone has an awesome week! Boa semana! falou!

Elder Jackson

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