Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's Getting Hot! I'm Training an American

Oct. 13, 2014

What´s up my peeps!

I´m training an American! His name is Elder Andrews and he´s a super awesome guy! He´s going to be a great missionary! He´s really new so he doesn´t speak too well yet, but I totally understand because I was the exact same when I first got on the mission. He´s from Rexburg, Idaho and he´s 25% Korean. That´s flippin sweet! He doesn´t speak a lot of Korean but he wrote my name in Korean. Jordyn, how do you understand that. It looks like a baby drew on a piece of paper, baha!

Elder Andrews and Elder Jackson
I´m super excited for this transfer. Elder Andrews is new but he loves to work. He´s going to be an awesome missionary! He´s already improved so much in one week!

This week went pretty well. We don´t have too many investigators so we are trying to find more. There is a really awesome family we are teaching. They promised us that they´ll come to church this Sunday since they couldn´t yesterday. The parents have to get married and they want too, but they´ve just been putting it off.   We´re gonna help them with that. We have a few other investigators with lots of potential.

Man it´s getting so hot here now! I was suffering a bit this week and I´m getting really red. We turn on the fan and I don´t even need a blanket anymore at night anymore. People are telling me that it gets even hotter so     I´m a bit nervous about that. This past Sunday was fast sunday. We started Saturday after lunch and I was dying of thirst when we got home that night. Turns out that a lot of missionaries called president Genaro asking if they could drink water since it was blazing hot. He said we could end our fast and do it another day when it´s not as hot, haha! I´m taking cold showers now. It feels so good. I got here when summer was ending so I haven´t been here yet for an entire summer. We´ll se how it goes these next few weeks.

Happy Birthday Jenna! Parabéns para você! Este dia....I forgot the rest in Português, baha! Sorry Jenna. love you guys so much and hope you are all doing well! boa semana! Love and miss ya tons! don´t forget to write!

Elder Jackson

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