Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Miracles- I Don't Speak English Very Well Anymore

Oct. 20, 2014

Hey guys!

Man today has been such a crazy week that I don´t know where to start! on top of that I'm running short on time to write today.

This week we found lots of new investigators, which is good since number has been slowly dwindling. We found a few families too that we´re starting to teach. We´re pretty excited to start teaching them a lot more.

Elder Andrews is doing really well. He´s already improved a bunch wth his Português! He´s really excited to learn and he´s improving really fast. He´s going to be a great missionary.

We had a miracle this week. We talked to some guy like 2 months ago on the street and this past week we decided to go by his house. We started talking to him and also his wife when she walked in. They´re super great people. We invited them to come to church with us. They said they would like to, but that they wouldn´t promise or anything (usually that means that they won´t go). We said a closing prayer and were about to leave. When she was about to open the gate, she stopped. A couple seconds later she turned to us and her husband saying that she wanted to come to church this Sunday. She said she didn´t know why, but she just had a feeling, her heart was asking to go to church. IT WAS AWESOME! MIRACLE! She just turned around and changed her mind. They went to church and liked it a lot. She smokes a bit so we have to help her stop smoking.

Elder Andrews and I are starting to teach English class Thursday nights at the church. I don´t know how to teach English! I don´t even speak it very well anymore! Wish me luck, haha!

So yeah this week was pretty great. It was full of little miracles. We had a bit list of people to bring to church on sunday but most of them fell through. We´ll work with these people this week to bring them to church next sunday. Elder Andrews and I are super stoked to keep working this week.

Finally there are clouds in the sky. The past two weeks have just been sun. Lots of people here use umbrellas when there´s a lot of sun. It´s a bit weird, but I'm actually thinking about doing it since it helps a lot. I´m afraid to buy a new umbrella since they always break with all the wind that is here.

I hope everyone has a great week! love you all and miss you tons. if you wrote me a letter or an email and I haven´t responded yet, I´m sorry. I´ll try and reply as fast as i can. I´m not a very fast typer, haha! and when I write letters I end up falling asleep, baha! I´ll respond though I promise! Boa Semana!


Elder Jackson

Trevor with missionary friends  

Yummy Brazilian Food!

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