Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We're Totally Stoked for Christmas!

Nov. 3, 2014

Hey guys!

This week went pretty well. Carolaine was baptized yesterday. She´s our investigator that didn´t believe in God when we first met her. Man she´s changed her life so much since the first time we met her. She´s had a lot of problems and a lot of fights with her family. She’s starting to fix her relationship and her family. She is so much happier since when we first met her. Her Dad came to see her baptism. During fast and testimony meeting, her dad stood up. He talked about how he was so happy for her daughter and the change she´s made in her life. Man i´m so glad we´ve got to be a part of it.

The other missionaries that we live with baptized a mom and her daughter yesterday too. So three people were baptized in our ward yesterday. We actually brought a lot of people to church yesterday. 
We actually have a lot of investigators to work with now.

Carlos is doing really well (our other investigator that wants to be baptized). He was going to be baptized this past week but he smoked one piece of a cigarette on Thursday. Then he couldn´t come to church yesterday. We have a date marked for him for next Sunday. He´s really determined to stop smoking and we´re determined to help him. 

Hey mom you know that package you sent me for Christmas? Well the other day was Halloween, and I was really craving candy, so I opened it. Sorry mom. I gave my companions their stockings too! They absolutely loved it! They told me to tell you thank you and that they love you and dad so much! Haha I´ll try and send a picture of it today.

So yeah we have a lot of pretty great investigators right now. We only have two more weeks this transfer so we want to keep working as hard as we can.

Man it´s so hard to believe that Jordyn´s going to come home in a couple of weeks. Keep pushing until the end sis! I´m glad everyone had an awesome week! We´re really stoked to work hard this next week.

(Hey mom what´s going on with this Ebola virus? is it in the U.S yet?)

I can´t believe my car died!!! Actually I can totally believe it, but I´m still a bit sad. (Hey mom can you send me a picture of it?)

Hope everyone has an awesome week! keep me posted with everything! Love you all and miss you tons!

Boa semana! falou!

Elder Jackson

Carolaine's  Baptism

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