Monday, November 10, 2014

Sometimes You Just Come Up Short....

Trevor and Elder Andrews  (check out his tan!)

Bom dia! 

Hey mom how many more weeks does Jordyn have on her mission? 1 or 2?

Hope everyone is doing well! Carlos was ALMOST baptized! He was doing so well, but on the day of his baptism, he decided not too. He said that he still wants to be baptized, but in the future. He´s really a super awesome guy, but unfortunately it looks like we´re going to have to cut him. Who knows, maybe he´ll change his mind in the future.

Caroliny was confirmed yesterday at church! There are lots of members that are starting to reach out to her now. I´m super stoked for her! She´s doing really well and wants to start prepping to enter the temple. Man she's changed her life so much since when we first met her.

We have lots of other really good investigators that we are teaching right now too. They´ve got lots of potential, but need to come to church.

Holy cow Nathan told me that the Jazz beat the Caviliers in a buzzer beater shot by Gordon Hayward. Heck Yes! That´s sweet! Hey Nathan when does BYU basketball start?

We´re going to start teaching Edra a bit more this week. She´s our investigator who´s husband is a Baptist Pastor. She wants to baptize so much but she´s got to talk to her husband and settle a lot of things with her family first. 

Man I´m trying my best to be the best missionary that I can be, but every week i´m coming up short in something. Last week was lessons with members, this week was new investigators.There´s definitely lots of pressure on the mission, especially in this mission. It´s good though! It helps my be the best missionary that I can be! I´m really grateful that i am in this mission. O melhor missão do mundo! 

We have one more week of this transfer, so Elder Andrews and I are going to look for Miracles! Elder Andrews is doing really good! He´s learning the language super fast! 

Hope everyone has a great week! love you all and miss you tons! Jordyn don´t get trunky, haha! Persevere até o fim! boa semana! 

Elder Jackson

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