Monday, November 17, 2014

The Lord Has a Plan For Me...

November 17, 2014

Baptism of Carlos

Hey guys!

Man so much has happened this week that I don´t know if I´ll get to write it all. First off, I´ve been transferred!! Holy cow that caught me by surprise! I totally was not expecting that. I thought I would finish Elder Andrew´s training, but I guess not. I´m going to Londrina! It looks like I´ll be in the city part. We´ll see how it goes, haha. I think I´ll be finishing someone´s training. His name is Elder Hendrix. I don´t know him yet but i sure hope he´s a good guy, haha. So yep! I´m leaving Marília. Man I´ve had such a great time here in this area and I´m really going to miss all of the members and investigators here.

Speaking of investigators. Carlos was baptized this week! He wasn´t baptized last week because he said he wouldn´t be able keep the law of chastity. We invited him to pray about the law of chastity that same night and he did. The next time we stopped by, he said  that he prayed and that it changed his mind! He had a few other doubts about some other stuff, but yesterday he was baptized! Man he is such an awesome guy! I´m really sad that I’m being transferred and that I´m not going to see him more. But I´m super happy that I was able to see him get baptized!

I don´t know if you guys remember Edra, our investigator. Her husband is a baptist pastor that is totally against mormons. She really wants to be baptized but she was having problems with her family and couldn´t yet. Well she´s going to be baptized this Saturday. Man she is so great and is progressing a lot. She has some member brothers and sisters. They´re traveling from another city to come watch her baptism. I´m super excited for her! I´m a bit sad though that I won´t be here.

Man I´m really going to miss Elder Andrews. He´s really a great missionary and his going to do awesome in his mission. He´s going to stay but I don´t know with who yet.

But yeah this week has been pretty crazy with everything that´s been going on. I´m excited for my next area but I´m also a bit sad to be leaving Marília. We have a few really good investigators. But I know that the Lord has a plan for me in Londrina and I´m pretty excited. Hope everyone has an awesome week! Love you all and miss you tons! Boa semana! falou! 

Elder Jackson

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