Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Natal! Merry Christmas!!

December 22, 2014

Londrina Mission Conference

Bom dia!

Man it´s so crazy to think that Christmas is already here! I don´t know if that´s because It´s hot here, or because the time is passing by really fast. Probably both! 

This week was pretty good! We went on splits this week. I was with Elder Juinsse, one of the assistants. Man he is such an awesome guy and a great missionary. I learned tons when I was with him. That was acutually the 4th time that i went on splits with him. Twice when he was my zone leader, and twice when he was an assistant. He really helped us out a lot and I got a lot of great ideas out of him!

We brought a few new people to church this Sunday. We´re going to be teaching them a lot this week. One of them is Edson. We found while we were at church that his dad used to be member of the church, but died  when he was 5 years old. So he went to church when he was 5 years old but doesn´t remember much. he´s a super cool guy!

I super excited to skype you guys on Christmas! President Genaro said that we can talk for an hour this time. We actually have lunch with President Genaro, and there´s a chance I´ll have dinner with him on Christmas eve as well as the secretaries. We´ll see! I´m stoked, but also a bit nervous, ya know, eating with the mission president. It will be awesome though!

Elder Matos and I are excited to work hard this week. Being Christmas and everything, it´s a great chance to share the message of the restored gospel with others. Hope everyone has a great week! love you all! FELIZ NATAL! be safe! 

Elder Jackson

Trevor with Elder Newkirk (trainer)  his first missionary companion

Elder Beltrani and some sisters 

Hard to see but here is a video of their Christmas skit.  I have not idea what they are singing but they are definitely having a good time.

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