Monday, December 29, 2014

It Was a Super Experience to be on a Mission During Christmas!

Bom dia! 

Man is was so great to talk to you guys at Christmas! You´re all so beautiful! haha jk.

That was definitely the best part of Christmas, being able to talk to you guys.

Man yesterday was so crazy. President Genaro came to our ward for the first time since I arrived in his ward. Luckily we had investigators at church yesterday, but unluckily, we only had one. It was super cool though. We got to talk to him and Sister Genaro for a bit. But while I was talking to Presidente Genaro, one of the bishopric counselors walked up to me and invited me to give a short talk in sacrament meeting. Haha I gave a talk on the very Sunday that our mission president was there. haha, it went pretty well though.

We just finished this last transfer today. It´s been pretty rough to be honest, but I´ve learned and grown so much in the last 6 weeks. i totally thought that i would stay in this area for at least one more transfer, but guess what, I'm being transferred! I´m going to a city called Morangueira, which is pretty close to Maringá (my second area). My new companion is Elder Coelho. I think I met him once, but I don´t know him too well. It´s going to be a great experience though.

Christmas was pretty great! We had lunch with a member of the church and his extended family. There´s a lot of drinking that goes on at Christmas and new years though. But it was a super great experience to be on a mission during Christmas! It really helped me think about its true meaning. Love you all! Hope you have an awesome week!
Stay safe!

Elder Jackson

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