Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a Small World...Man I'm Tired!!

Bom dia! 

Hey guys! I hope everyone´s doing flipping awesome! I have one thing to say.
I AM TIRED! haha! i´m beat! I think after I finish emailing, I´m going to go home and sleep for a bit. We´ll see if I can, cuz we´ve got lot´s to do this week!

My new area is in the city of Maringá. This is my second area in Maringá, but in a different zone this time. My companion is Elder Coelho! He is a super awesome missionary! I won´t be surprised if he´s the next Assistant to the President. I´ve learned tons with him this week. How to fulfill my calling, help the zone, some teaching techniques, etc. Man he´s a super awesome missionary. He´s Brazilian, so I´m gonna get a lot more practice with my Portuguese. He´s pretty new on the mission too. He just has one more transfer than i do.

My new area is pretty great. It´s got tons of potential. When I got here they didn´t have very many investigators, but we found a few people this week. We have one investigator named Anna that is super awesome! She has a two year old little girl and she loved church. We´re going to be teaching her a lot this week, but unfortunately she wasn´t home when we stopped by yesterday.

Tonight we have to travel to Londrina. We have conselho de lideres tomorrow and we won´t get back until late tomorrow night! I´ll be sleeping a lot on the bus.

There´s actually a total of 6 missionaries that live in our house! It´s pretty fun but it´s pretty easy to make a mess. The missionaries I live with are pretty great too. It´s been a while since our ward has had American missionaries. At least that´s what people have told me. And now we have 3! I was transferred to this area with two other american missionaries. Super cool guys too! 

There´s a returned missionary that I met in our ward that know Katie Baker. They served in the same mission! The members here seem really great and like to help out . Man I´m super excited for this transfer. SorryI don´t know if I said everything I had planned, but i´m almost out of time.Llove you all! miss you tons! Boa semana! Falou!

Elder Jackson

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