Monday, January 19, 2015

Its Hot!!!!!

Bom dia!

Congrats Katie Baker on completing your mission! Missão chamada, missão cumprida! 
Man it´s so crazy how the time goes by so fast on your mission. I've almost been out a year now! And i've already passed my halfway mark! (one missionary told me i´ll probably be going home mid-January). 

This week was crazy like always, haha! We brought a few new people to church this past Sunday. We´re going to start teaching them a lot more this week. We have and investigator named Anna Paula that´s on date for this Sunday. The thing is that she is traveling still and will be out of town until this Thursday. We´re going to call here a lot this week and help her be prepared for this Sunday. Pray that everything goes well!

Claudio (investigator that we brought to church last week) is really unsure of things. I don´t think he´s received an answer to his prayers yet, but he´s still searching. We´ll see how it goes with him.

We went on a few exchanges this weekend. I actually went with the same missionary 3 times. Elder Dias. He´s a super cool guy though. There was just a lot to do and we had to split up a few times. It was great though. I learn lots every time i go on exchanges.

Our neighbor has a rotweiler. Haha and it´s pretty much the nicest rotweiler you´ll ever meet. Last night we took a few pictures with him and stuff. It´s hard to believe that there´s only two more weeks of this transfer. This transfer has probably been the fastest so far.

Sorry out of time. Love you all miss you tons! (hey mom and dad what do you usually want me to send you in my letters home? sometimes i just forget what happened in the week.) Boa Semana! I´m praying for you all!

Elder Jackson

It´s hoootttttttt!!!

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